J6er Ryan Samsel Lauches ‘The Effort’: Empowering Change, Independence, and Financial Freedom

J6 prisoner Ryan Samsel has been locked up for over three years now under the Biden regime. Ryan entered the US Capitol grounds with Ray Epps. Epps never spent a day in prison for his actions directing the protesters that day.

While Ryan fights serious health concerns, he has been perpetually locked in a cell and forced to beg for medical care.

Yet Ryan continues to find ways to move forward.  He recently shared his new project, The Effort, with The Gateway Pundit.

Ryan shares:

Welcome to The Effort, an organization that is revolutionizing the way we combat an unruly and tyrannical government. We believe in providing the support you need, both personally and financially, while liberating you from the burden of taxes that may contradict your conservative beliefs. My name is Ryan Samsel, and I am currently incarcerated for my involvement in the events that took place at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Let me assure you that I was not violent, nor did I enter the building that day. My reasons for being there are unique and driven by my personal experiences. As a barber from Philadelphia, the first capital city, my life took an unexpected turn when I was prohibited from working. I naively hoped that this situation would pass, but it did not. When the time came to pay taxes, I found myself without representation while others continued to collect their checks at our expense. This injustice pushed me to attend the events of January 6th, seeing the need to challenge the lies and corruption that plagued the temple of our nation.

However, my journey did not end there. After being arrested, I faced unimaginable torture in an attempt to coerce me into lying. I reached out to various organizations for help, only to be denied by those who claimed to be heroes and patriots. In my darkest moments, I questioned my purpose. Was I pursuing this fight for personal fame, or was there a greater reason for my existence? My story is intertwined with the unborn, as my own mother contemplated aborting me. Yet, by the grace of God, her drug use during pregnancy led to my birth, along with a learning disability.

Through adversity, disability, and the FBI’s assault on me, I emerged with a newfound determination. I realized that I must not only fight for myself but also for the voiceless and the oppressed. Just as I displayed leadership on that fateful day in January, pulling cops to safety and mediating conflicts, I made the decision not to enter the building when my wife, Rachel Genco, was affected by CS gas. My duty as a man was to protect her.

From that day forward, every experience I went through brought me to this pivotal moment. We must redefine our approach to fighting the system. The answer lies not in military force but in a more practical and realistic strategy. That’s why I have created The Effort—an organization that provides a support group where your ideas can be shared directly with us. Everyone is welcome to join the effort, as we have already taken our first step by filing a 33-page habeas petition against Merrick Garland, holding him accountable for denying me medical treatment as a BOP inmate.

But why stop there? Just as the government sues individuals like Donald Trump, Jim Hoft, and Alex Jones, we can also take legal action. Let’s sue the New York Times and other media outlets, forcing them to spend their resources defending themselves. Just as I left no one behind on that historic day, I promise the same unwavering loyalty to my fellow freedom-loving individuals.

I implore you to donate to The Effort and visit our website. By doing so, you will be supporting our brothers and sisters in their fight for justice and becoming part of a family that stands united. Rest assured that your donations can now be made in cryptocurrency, ensuring complete confidentiality and shielding you from the prying eyes of the government. But our vision doesn’t end there.

At The Effort, we have assembled a team of tech experts who are currently in the process of minting our own currency—Potestas Token. Derived from the Latin word meaning “power” or “authority,” this token represents our freedom to act and make independent financial decisions. Why entrust your hard-earned money to a 401(k) system that can be manipulated and devalued? Why pay taxes to support causes that contradict our beliefs? We say no thank you.

Here’s how it works: a limited number of Potestas Tokens will be minted, initially offered at a low cost in the market. As more people invest and buy these tokens, their value will increase exponentially due to scarcity. Just think of the incredible growth Bitcoin has experienced, starting at $5 and now valued at around $70,000 per coin. Furthermore, there are various methods to convert your cryptocurrency into different world currencies, including the dollar. This means you can liberate yourself from the IRS and their intrusive taxes, ensuring your financial independence. Even if you can only invest $20 per month for two years, you have the potential to multiply your profits sixty-fold.

Join The Effort, and together, we will reclaim the power that the government has unjustly held over us. This is not a dream or a delusion; it is our duty, just as our founding fathers fought for their rights and expected us to do the same. Secure your financial future by investing in yourself and trusting in God. The government had countless opportunities to address homelessness, but instead, our money was squandered in unnecessary wars. It’s time for us to take matters into our own hands.

Let’s create our own currency and build a border wall. Let’s establish our own schools and fix our roads. Let’s support struggling local families instead of watching our hard-earned money being funneled through questionable channels. By joining The Effort, you can contribute to our cause and make a difference.

Visit theeffort.life and click on the join button to become a part of our community. Share this site with everyone you know and follow us on Twitter @RyanSamsel and @Theffort.life. When you visit our website, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and share your ideas. This is your chance to decide how your taxes are spent, free from the influence of unwanted local, state, or big government.

The best part is, your new currency is beyond the reach of their authority. As we now accept Ethereum and Bitcoin as forms of donation, you can contribute to our fight while protecting your privacy. Your support will enable us to challenge them in the courtroom and mint our own cryptocurrency. This is just the beginning. Imagine where we’ll be in five years.

Invest in yourself and believe in the power of The Effort. Trust only God and yourself, not the government. Together, we can create a future where freedom and independence reign. Your contributions will shape the course of history and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Remember, theeffort.life is not just a website—it’s a movement. Join us today and let’s stand up for our rights, fight for justice, and build a better future for ourselves and generations to come. The Effort is here for you when you need it, just as you have been there for us. Together, we can make a difference.
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