Intellectual Froglegs Releases His Latest Video Masterpiece: WAR

Guest post by Joe Hoft at – republished with permission.

Intellectual Froglegs comes out with his latest video — WAR.

Joe Dan Gorman released the latest Intellectual Froglegs video. Again, it’s an award-winning effort.

Joe Dan Gorman shares this at Intellectual Froglegs:

The massive level of fraud that’s been perpetrated against us is not even believable. The illusion of freedom. The illusion of electing a president. The illusion of justice… the innocent are persecuted and the guilty roam free.

And all while these evil people were commandeering the levers of government power… they were simultaneously maintaining the illusion that we were a free country….

The battle will be fierce, it will be difficult for many, but failure is not a choice.

We must keep our wits during this critical time. We do that with truth. And for that, I turn to God.

…Look at our timeline going back to 1776— we are in this ungodly mess because, in the mid-20th century, America turned away from God. And we need to turn back.

2024 requires that I do more episodes… so we’re going to pick up the frequency of intellectual froglegs and bring you calls to action and other patriotic activities as only intellectual froglegs can.

In closing, the financial health of Intellectual Froglegs is directly related to the financial health of our viewers…and these are tough times for a lot of us. For the first time in years, the Frogleg coffers are in the danger zone.

So for the next year, EVERYONE that donates will be in the CREDITS of the next show. To remain anonymous, drop a quick email to [email protected]

Thank you for your support… and thank you for fighting to save our nation.

God bless you guys… and God bless our nation.

Watch it below:


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