Inside J6: Nancy Pelosi “Takes Full Responsibility” – Montage with Chief Sund Remarks – Interview w/ J6er Robert Geiswein

Last week was a huge week for the January 6th false narrative that has been promulgated by the Mockingbird Media at the behest of the weaponized J6 Committee.

New footage released by the House Oversight subcommittee investigating the January 6th protests showed Nancy Pelosi in a candid moment as she was being driven away from the Capitol.  During the exchange with her chief of staff, Terri McCullough, Pelosi says the Capitol Police “clearly didn’t know and [she] take[s] responsibility” for what happened that day.

Of course, we know from Congressional testimony under oath that the former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund had met with the then-House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving before the events of January 6th.  Sund testified that he had brought up the National Guard to Irving but was told that Irving “didn’t like the optics” of the National Guard deployed to the Capitol.  Irving, the senior most security official in the Capitol, told Sund that he would “run it up the chain.”  “Up the chain” would mean to then-Speaker Pelosi and her office, according to Rep. Brian Steil and Chief Sund.

This week on Blessed.News and The Gateway Pundit’s Inside J6, I discuss this explosive admission and tie in the implications it had on the career of Chief Sund because of Pelosi’s now-thoroughly debunked accusations about the Chief and her subordinates utter lack of preparation and disregard for the Sund’s advice.

For the J6 Exclusive Interview, I was joined by recently released J6er Robert Gieswein.  Gieswein talked about his motivation for going to Washington DC on January 6th and the “insurrection” that was catered by food trucks.  You can help support Bobby as he struggles to transition to “civilian” life after enduring years of his life taken away at the hands of this weaponized Department of ‘Justice.’

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