Illegal Aliens Rush Over San Diego Border 12 Hours After Biden Announces New Executive Order on Asylum Seekers

Joe Biden’s America.

Illegal aliens rushed over the US border in San Diego County just 12 hours after Joe Biden announced his new executive order on asylum seekers.

Joe Biden on Tuesday held a fake border security press conference on his new asylum ‘restrictions’ from the East Room.

More than 15 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age males – have invaded the US on Biden’s watch.

Joe Biden took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days in office to destroy the border.

Now he’s acting like the savior with his new ‘asylum restrictions’ – only asylum is STILL AVAILABLE to thousands of illegal aliens every single day released into the US.

According to The New York Post, Biden’s new border ‘crackdown’ will still allow at least 1.8 million illegals to enter the US every year.

According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, the illegal border crossers he encountered (mainly adult males) on Wednesday in Jacumba, California were from Colombia and Venezuela.

We have no idea who these people are.

Bill Melugin also encountered unvetted groups of men from the Middle East illegally crossing into Jacumba, California, including “Special Interest Aliens” from Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey.

A Special Interest Alien is an illegal immigrant who, based on travel patterns and point of origin, poses a national security threat to the United States.

Joe Biden’s open border is putting all American citizens in danger.

“A Jordanian man told me he came here for work, not asylum,” Bill Melugin said. “He told me he knows he broke the law, and that he doesn’t care.”


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