Hunter Biden Juror Reveals One Critical Mistake Defense Lawyers Made That Ultimately Led to Guilty Verdict

Jurors on Tuesday returned a verdict in Hunter Biden’s criminal gun trial after three hours of deliberations.


Hunter Biden is facing 25 years in prison.

One Hunter Biden juror told The New York Post that the defense team made a critical mistake by calling Hunter’s daughter, Naomi, to the stand to testify.

Another juror told The New York Post that Naomi’s testimony did not help Hunter’s case.

Naomi Biden, 30, testified that her father texted her at 2 am just days after he illegally purchased a revolver asking her to meet up so they can swap cars.

Naomi said that she was sad her crack-addicted father missed another planned event.

The jurors said Naomi’s testimony didn’t work out as the defense team hoped.

The New York Post reported:

Two of the jurors who convicted first son Hunter Biden on federal gun charges Tuesday told The Post they were particularly affected by his eldest daughter Naomi’s testimony – with one panelist saying the defense team made a mistake calling her as a witness.

Naomi Biden, 30, recounted her father’s erratic behavior in the days after he illegally lied about his crack cocaine addiction to purchase a .38-caliber revolver on Oct. 12, 2018.

At one point, she said, Hunter had texted her at 2 a.m. on Oct. 18, asking if Naomi could meet him somewhere in Manhattan to exchange cars after she used his Ford Raptor pickup to help move her then-boyfriend Peter Neal into her apartment.

“I’m really sad, dad,” Naomi texted Hunter later that day after he missed out on another planned rendezvous. “I can’t take this. I don’t know what to say. I just miss you so much. And want to hang out with you.”

“It just seemed so sad for her to see her father in such a state,” one juror, a 51-year-old black woman from upper Delaware, told The Post. “She was happy when she thought he was getting better, then he relapsed.”

“I just think she probably just wants her dad to be like he was before her uncle [Beau Biden] died [in May 2015],” she added. “And to be able to depend on him.”

Prosecutors proved that Hunter Biden was smoking crack when he purchased a firearm in 2018.

According to text messages sent to Hallie Biden (Hunter’s sister-in-law-turned lover), Hunter Biden set up a drug deal with “Mookie” one day after he illegally purchased his gun on October 12, 2018.

A couple days later he went on a crack-smoking bender and passed out in his car.

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