House Intel Committee Chair Says US is at ‘Highest Level of a Possible Terrorist Threat’ (VIDEO)

Republican House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner has warned that the United States has hit its “highest level of a possible terrorist threat.”

Turner gave a dire warning on Sunday’s episode of Face the Nation.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Turner about the eight Tajik nationals who were arrested in the United States last week and were found to have ties to ISIS. All of them had entered through Biden’s open southern border.

Brennan asked if there had been an “active terror plot,” but Turner said that he could not confirm the details of the arrests.

“But what’s important about these reports and what we’re seeing, especially in conjunction with Director [Christopher] Wray’s public statements, that we are at the highest level of a possible terrorist threat, that the administration’s policies have absolutely directly related to threats to Americans,” Turner said.

The congressman added that the threat is “no longer speculative” and “no longer hypothetical.”

“We have actual administration officials stepping forward and certainly our committee and our committee members have concurred on the intelligence that we’re seeing. That as a result of the administration’s policies allowing people to cross the border unvetted, we have terrorists that are actively working with inside the United States that are a threat to Americans,” he said.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate committee earlier this month that the U.S. has seen “threats from foreign terrorists rise to a whole ‘nother level after October 7.”


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