Happy Pride Month: Mother with Family Says She Was Kicked Off United Flight in San Francisco for Misgendering Flight Attendant With Wrong Pronouns (Video)

A woman traveling with her 16-month old son and her 75-year-old mother said in videos posted Wednesday that she and her family were kicked off a United flight because she misgendered a flight attendant. One of the videos shows the woman speaking with a United representative who confirmed the woman was booted by the captain for misgendering and other alleged comments.

Nutritionist Jenna Longoria, aka the Period Guru, said she, her mother and her son were kicked off a United flight in San Francisco that was headed for Austin, Texas on Wednesday and that their luggage–which had medicines for each–was kept on the plane while they were left behind. Longoria said she was told she had committed a “hate crime” and that she may be banned from flying United.

Initial video by Longoria on the situation:

Longoria’s discussion with a United representative who said the captain denied her entry to the plane for “what came out of your mouth.” Longoria asked if it was because she used the wrong pronoun. The representative said, “There was, there was some more that I heard that you had conversation with inflight” and mentioned a “verbal confrontation.”

Longoria posted it took United thirty minutes to kick her and her family off the plane and that the airline denied her request for their luggage with their medicines to be removed from the plane.

“As they were kicking us off plane i asked to get our bags & told them the urgency of getting our medications. It took about 30 mins for them to get the operations manager & formally kick us off flight. They chose not to take our luggage off when they had the opportunity.”

United contacted Longoria via X Twitter, but was slow to resolve her situation.

“Still waiting for resolution. I appreciate the DM that you’re looking into it but I’m still stranded here in airport with 16-month old & a 75-yr old mother. There is a 1:15 pm direct flight to Austin can we get permission to board?”

Longoria has not posted in several hours since then, indicating she may have have found a flight to Austin for her family.

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