German Police Officer Rouven L. Who Was Stabbed by Islamic Assassin Dies in Hospital

Police officer Rouven L. died of his wounds Sunday

The German policeman who was stabbed by an Islamic terrorist in Mannheim Friday has died from his wounds. The intended victim, leading German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger, shared a GoFundMe for the officer’s family.

Police officer Rouven L. (29) died in hospital Sunday after being stabbed in the neck by Afghan assassin Sulaiman (25). He had been put into an artificial coma and received emergency surgery but was reported to be only kept alive because he was an organ donor.

Six people were injured in the attack, including Civil Movement Pax Europa (BPE) activists Stürzenberger and Konrad, who has been located in a clinic after having his phone confiscated by police, Stürzenberger said. Konrad was stabbed in the chest and had to be operated on as well.

Thirty officers of the Mannheim police have called in sick, possibly in protest against a German political leadership that refuses to address the dangers of radical Islam. Two dozen of the officer’s colleagues paid tribute to their fallen comrade, removing their hats during a gathering Sunday at the site of the attack, The Independent reported.

The video of the attack has been blocked by YouTube over “depiction of violence” but can be found on other platforms.

The video shows clearly that the police officers were not deployed in an effective way to protect Germany’s leading Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger, at his rally, who has received countless death threats and been the victim of several attacks. Local officials often see Stürzenberger as the problem and not his attackers. Officers are presumably discouraged from actively protecting the brave activist.

“We are all deeply saddened and shocked by the death of the brave police officer who lost his life on duty in Mannheim on Friday at the hands of the Afghan knife attacker,” Stürzenberger said. “Our thoughts are with his family, his relatives and his police colleagues. If you would like to donate to the family, please do not do so via the BPE, but via this donation site, which was confirmed to me by the police.”

“It is terrible that this likable person was suddenly taken from this life at the age of 29.”

The German government has persecuted Stürzenberger for years over bogus charges, as The Gateway Pundit reported. Critics charge the government is complicit in creating an atmosphere that encourages violence against the Islam expert.

The death of Rouven L. forced pro-Islam appeasers like Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Interior Secretary Nancy Faeser to express their hypocritical condolences while avoiding mentioning the assassin’s target Stürzenberger by name.

It remains to be seen how the assassination attempt will affect the EU elections on June 9.



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