Gavinvilles: Homeless People Build Massive Wooden “Shantytown” in Democrat-Run Oakland, California (VIDEO)

Credit: @SCMountainGoat

Sad footage has emerged showing how people without homes live in Kamala Harris’s hometown thanks in part to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s catastrophic policies.

As the Daily Mail reported Sunday, Michael Oxford, the host of CaliBased, posted a sobering video on Friday showing massive wooden temporary houses built by homeless individuals in Oakland.

The homes are built alongside service roads that open up into main roads in Hooverville, Oakland, forming a massive “shantytown.” Huge amounts of garbage can be seen around the homes in Oxford’s video.

Oxford opens the video by welcoming viewers to “Oakland’s Hooverville.” He notes how his mind is blown by the “shantytown” he sees.

“They (homeless people) built houses…Look at all of this, this is absolutely mindboggling,” Oxford says. “It’s insane they (city officials) allow this.”

“It’s Hooverville.”


Oxford captioned his video by writing that parts of Oakland “are worse than a third-world country” and deeming the area Gavinville.

“Parts of Oakland are worse than a third-world country,” Oxford wrote. “They just allow people to live in absolute squalor wherever they choose.”

“This looks like Hooverville during the Great Depression,” he concluded. “Welcome to Oakland’s very own Gavinville.”

The Gateway Pundit has reported several negative incidents involving Oakland. Just two weeks ago, for example, Oakland city officials decided to take down a traffic light at a busy intersection after homeless people repeatedly stole copper wire from an electrical box that supplied power to the lights.

There has also been a massive surge of beatdowns caught on camera and even boat thefts.

But perhaps the most perfect example of Oakland’s lawlessness was when famous conservative activist Benny Johnson got robbed in broad daylight at an In-N-Out while shooting a video on the restaurant’s closure. This would have been a Babylon Bee headline just a few years ago.

Democrats, however, have managed to make satire a chilling reality.