Fox News Cameras Show the Real Impact of Biden’s Border Executive Order

After President Joe Biden issued an executive order to tighten illegal immigration at our southern border, Republicans criticized the language of the measure, arguing it would do next to nothing to stop the flood of migrants pouring over into the United States from all corners of the world.

That turned out to be inaccurate. Instead, it appears that the executive order has done absolutely nothing, full stop.

Don’t just ask me, though. Ask Bill Melugin, the national correspondent for Fox News whose on-the-scene reporting at the nation’s southern border has been an invaluable resource for those who don’t just want sugar-coated statistics about the border crisis spoon-fed to them by the Biden administration.

In a series of posts on Thursday, Melugin said there had been “zero impact” at the California border site he was covering, and he brought the receipts.

So, in case you’d missed it — what with the media chattering about one rigged trial that reached a verdict last week and another trial Biden’s Department of Justice appeared to wish it could have rigged starting this week — on Tuesday, the president announced he was temporarily shutting down asylum requests due to a heavy illegal immigrant influx, NBC News reported.

The order is part of Biden’s promise to shut down asylum seekers at the southern border if the number of encounters tops 2,500 a day.

Considering that millions of illegal immigrants have already crossed the border under Biden’s watch, this isn’t just closing the barn door after the horse has left the stable, this is closing it when he’s already galloped four states over.

Administration officials said Tuesday that “individuals who cross the southern border unlawfully or without authorization will generally be ineligible for asylum, absent exceptionally compelling circumstances, unless they are accepted by the proclamation,” and that those who don’t meet the “credible fear” threshold for applying for asylum will be removed “in a matter of days, if not hours.”

Again, this is what they should have been doing in the first place, so no plaudits for suddenly realizing it’s an issue — and just five months out from the election. Imagine that!

And, as it turns out, the effect on border crossings seems to be a solid zero, as Melugin noted on X.

“Mass illegal crossing of approximately 200 from around the world just happened here in Jacumba, CA,” he posted Thursday, along with a series of photos that Biden and his retinue definitely don’t want voters to see.

“Day number two of Biden’s executive order – & we see zero impact here at the border. Large groups continue to cross without fear here in San Diego sector,” Melugin said.

Also, as we’ve come to expect, these weren’t just Mexicans or Guatemalans taking a quick hop over the border.

“Just talked to some of them. Countries include China, Mauritania, India, Peru, & many others,” Melugin said in a subsequent post:

Another “mass crossing” he and his team witnessed included “many Egyptians, Chinese, & Turkish,” he said in a post:

And, lo and behold, the Border Patrol was apparently “mass releasing migrants to city streets,” Melugin wrote.

Apparently, everyone has a credible fear of something. Who would have thunk it?

In a remote appearance on Fox News from the border, Melugin said there had been “no change whatsoever” since Biden issued the order.

“Again, there is no fear of this new executive order which bans asylum for most illegal crossers with certain exceptions,” Melugin said.

As he pointed out, “more than 70 percent of them are released,” and the ones Melugin talked to “are not here to claim asylum.”

As to the number of encounters by Border Patrol, that hadn’t slowed either, with Melugin citing reports that 4,000 crossings had taken place on Wednesday — the first day the order took effect.

In other words, this is every bit the farce that we’ve come to expect from this president.

What more does this man need to say or do to prove to Americans that he has no intention of enforcing border security?

Do the millions of people who have crossed into the United States illegally not speak for themselves?

Are we to believe that, once border crossings hit the magic 2,500 number, the administration is finally going to do something?

Of course not. This is a play-pretend president. He pretends to fix the problems he’s caused, and his chums in the establishment media pretend to believe him.

If only Democrats would just pretend to vote for him instead of actually casting a ballot for this impotent, senescent figurehead, maybe the problem would finally get solved.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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