Founding Member of The Black Panther Party Supports Donald Trump “He’s Always Been a Friend of Black People”

David Hillard, a founding member of The Black Panther Party, endorses Donald Trump/Video screenshot @carol.mitchell27/TikTok

David Hilliard, one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party, went live on TikTok to support President Donald Trump.

TikTok user Carol Mitchell posted an interview with Hilliard in which he discussed Trump’s decades-long support of the Black community.

Carol Mitchell: Welcome to the Random Site. I want you to meet someone who knew Donald Trump, and he’s going to tell you about Donald Trump in his own words.

David Hilliard: My name is David Hilliard, founder member of the Black Panther Party. I knew Trump when Trump was a college student in New York, and he supported the Black Panther Party. That’s how I know Trump.

Carol Mitchell: What person do you think Donald Trump is?

David Hilliard: Trump is a person who’s a decent man, and he supported the Black Panther Party. That’s what I just mentioned to you. He was someone who gave us money, and Trump was a decent guy.

Trump’s a friend to African-Americans. I knew Trump from the 1960s in New York, where he comes from, and he’s a friend to African-Americans.

Carol Mitchell: Now, when you say a friend to African-American, what do you mean by friend to African-American?

David Hilliard: I mean, he’s not a racist. He’s not a racist, fascist White man. He supported Black people.

He owned every brownstone in a place called Harlem, New York.

Carol Mitchell: Oh, wow. Okay. Now, do you remember the time that Trump supported Jesse Jackson?

David Hilliard: No, but I remember when he supported the Black Panther Party.

Carol Mitchell: Wow. That’s incredible. And how did he support the Black Panther Party?

David Hilliard: With his money.

Carol Mitchell: Whoa, for real? My goodness.

David Hilliard: He gave us money.

Carol Mitchell: So in your opinion, Trump has always been now that he has these 34 counts as being a felon, Trump has always been part of the Black community or familiarized, at least, with the Black community.

David Hilliard: That’s exactly right. Trump was a friend to people of African-American descent, and he owned all of Harlem.

Carol Mitchell: Wow, that’s amazing. In your opinion, sir, your valued opinion, why do you think they put all these charges on Trump and they’re afraid of him to be President?

David Hilliard: Because Trump likes Africans in America. He likes Black folks. That’s one. I think that Trump is qualified in a very decent approach to having somebody representing America.

Carol Mitchell: Yeah, I agree with you. I think Trump would be able to get us off this government thing and get us to making our own money because he knows how to make money. He knows how to lose money. And so he would be the perfect person to help us get our own again, right?

David Hilliard: And Trump’s a friend of African-Americans. He’s always been a friend of Black people. That’s how I know Okay.

Carol Mitchell: Well, thank you so much. And what is your name, sir?

David Hilliard: My name is David Hilliard, founding member of the Black Panther Party.

Carol Mitchell: Oh, my God. Well, that’s amazing. You’re a well-known figure in the Bay Area. So we thank you for taking a moment out of your value time to give us an interview for the Random site. Thank you, sir.

David Hilliard: All power to the people.

Carol Mitchell: Okay. You’ve heard it straight from David Hilliard’s mouth, the founding member of the Black Panther Party, supporting Donald Trump. Thank you very much. This has been your host, Carol D. Mitchell on the Random Site.

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The Gateway Pundit reported last week that Rasmussen Reports revealed initial results of a recent poll (yet to be published) showing President Trump leading Joe Biden among Black voters.

Pollster Frank Luntz recently warned CNN about the movement of minority voters to President Trump.

CNN data analyst Harry Enten seemed stunned by the news, “My goodness gracious,” he said as he reacted to the polling average, which showed Trump’s support among Black voters more than doubled to 22% compared to 2020.


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