Former Clinton Official Paul Begala Warns First Dem Politician Calling for Biden to Step Down Will ‘End Their Career’ (Video)

Former Clinton official Paul Begala tells CNN’s Jim Acosta the first Democrat to officially call for the president to step down would “end their career.”/Image: Video screenshot

On Friday, former Clinton official Paul Begala said, despite Biden’s disastrous debate performance on Thursday night, the first Democrat to officially call for the president to step down would “end their career.”

Begala told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “Here‘s the risk: If any of them called me, I’d say, ‘Look, the first politician, the first Democratic politician to call on Biden to step down, it‘s going to end their career.”

“They may be right in the eyes of a lot of Democrats, but if you‘re the first one through the door, you‘re gonna get shot and I think they all know that.”

Begala continued, “I mean, look, there‘s a dozen governors in my party, I think, that could be very strong candidates. Maybe not a dozen, maybe half a dozen at least.”

“None of them are going to say, ‘Hey, let me step forward and knife Julius Caesar,’ right? It‘s just, like, not — Biden is a beloved man in the Democratic Party, spent his whole life in there. He delivered us from Donald Trump. He is beloved. So it‘s a really, really difficult move for anybody who thinks they might want to replace him.”


The Gateway Pundit reported that Democrat donors are discussing the idea of an intervention led by Obama to convince Joe Biden to step aside.

The 44th President is considered one of the few people in the Democrat Party, along with Clinton, Pelosi, and Schumer, with the power to send Biden packing.

Moreover, they have met with Democrat donors regarding what arcane rules would remove Biden from the ticket against his will and replaced by the DNC Convention in August.

A post from Doug Kass, a hedge fund owner and a prominent figure within the Democratic party, has also gone viral, suggesting Obama’s intervention.

Kass, who claims to have insider knowledge about a meeting taking place between President Joe Biden, his former Chief of Staff Ron Klain, and former President Barack Obama.

According to Kass’s post, Jill Biden is insistent about Joe Biden running for re-election, causing tension within his own campaign. Kamala Harris is reportedly “furious” that she is not being considered as a potential replacement candidate.

Kass mentioned that his neighbor in East Hampton is scheduled to host the Bidens at a fundraiser tomorrow, Saturday. He suggested that whether or not this event goes ahead as planned could provide significant insight into the current state of affairs within the Biden campaign.


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