FBI Seeks Suspects Behind New Mexico Fires, Refuting Climate Change Narrative

The FBI has announced it is offering a $10,000 award for information leading to the arrests of those responsible for the massive South Fork and Salt fires that occurred in New Mexico.

The fires began on Monday, June 17th, near the Mescalero Apache Indian reservation in Ruidoso.

Currently, the South Fork Fire has stretched over 26 square miles, and the Salt Fire has reached 12 square miles.

The fire has wreaked havoc among residents in the area and has caused severe structural damage.

KOB reported over 1,400 structures have been destroyed from teh fire, and the fires have claimed the lives of two people.

Before the FBI announced “human hands” are suspected to be behind the fires, George Ducker, the communications coordinator of the New Mexico forestry division, previously told The Guardian, “This is climate change. It is hot, and it is dry.”

Per ABC News:

Full-time residents of Ruidoso will be allowed to return to their village Monday morning as federal authorities seek to prosecute whoever started a pair of New Mexico wildfires that killed two people and destroyed or damaged more than 1,400 structures.

The FBI said it is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrests and convictions of those responsible for the South Fork Fire and Salt Fire in southern New Mexico, which forced thousands to flee.

The federal agency also said it was seeking public assistance in identifying the cause of the fires discovered June 17 near the village of Ruidoso.

But the notice also pointedly suggested human hands were to blame, saying the reward was for information leading to the arrest and conviction of “the person or persons responsible for starting the fires.


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