FBI Accused of Scrubbing Democrat’s Social Media Accounts After He Was Caught in Arizona Stealing Election FOB and Key from Maricopa County Tabulation Center

Steve Bannon and Caroline Wren on The War Room

On Monday, a temporary employee with the Maricopa County Elections was arrested for stealing a “security fob and keys” from the MCTC Tabulation Center.

Jordan Conradson later reported that the alleged thief, identified as Walter Ringfield Jr., was reportedly previously charged with stealing $1,000 cash from a grocery store. Prosecution reportedly suspended the case after the suspect entered a diversion program, possibly indicating a plea deal was accepted. How he passed the background check required to work in the election department is unclear.

Election workers are now in the process of reprogramming the tabulators and reconducting Logic and Accuracy Testing, which was a source of controversy after the 2022 election when tabulators were programmed to intentionally fail on election day.

Ringfield is apparently not currently registered with a political party. However, as they did not report, last year, he reportedly filed a statement of interest to run for U.S. Senate in 2024 as a Democrat. That’s a strange coincidence.

According to radio host Garret Lewis, the key fob that was stolen allows users to see “who is getting the most votes, and it doesn’t show in this fob who is actually in the room.” He continues, There’s no track record— nothing about who’s actually in there.”

It appears they’re gearing up for more election-day debacles targeting Republican voters who prefer to vote in person and put the ballot in a tabulator themself.

On Tuesday morning Caroline Wren, the senior advisor to Kari Lake, joined The War Room to discuss this growing scandal.  According to Wren, Ringfield’s social media accounts have all been scrubbed from the internet except for a Truth Social account.  The media used the account to falsely attempt to tie him to President Donald Trump.

Caroline Wren:  Remember we have to win Arizona. Maricopa County is 85% of the state. So this county IS the state. So Walter Ringfield Jr, the guy who was arrested, he used to be a registered Democrat. And according to documents filed with the Arizona Secretary of State, a Walter Ringfield Jr, filed to run for the US Senate seat as a Democrat early last year. Now, he didn’t end up making the ballot because he didn’t have the signatures.

But on top of that, from his LinkedIn page, he worked at a left-wing advocacy group in 2022 called Our Voice, Our Choice, which, of course, is funded by Arabella Advisors. And they’re a, quote, member-led organization committed to advocating for lasting progressive policies, building power by mobilizing voters of color.

Now, the media started to claim yesterday afternoon that this guy was a Trump supporter because, apparently, he has a Truth social page that was still available.

Well, I found a website where this guy, Walter, lists all of his social media accounts, which, by the way, he has a Twitter, a TikTok, an Instagram, a Facebook, and a LinkedIn account.

All of these pages have been wiped clean, deleted, except for one, Truth Social. The other thing is, remember, this guy had his house stormed by the sheriffs and was arrested on Friday morning. He is still in custody. So who went in and wiped all of his social media accounts clean, deleted all them, except for one, except for a Truth Social account?

What is going on here? And, one person tweeted out that the FBI is aware and they’re involved, but they couldn’t confirm or deny.

The only person who has access to delete and wipe someone’s social media accounts while they’re being held in a jail cell is the FBI. So something very fishy is going on here.

Via War Room and Karli Bonne.

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