Fake News CBS ROASTED For Deleting Video of Joe Biden Wandering Off at G7, Lecturing Public on “Cheap Fakes”

This is beyond pathetic.

Fake News CBS got right in line and deleted a video of Joe Biden wandering off at the G7 Summit during a skydiving demonstration and reposting it with a ‘proper label.’

The Biden Camp and their stenographers in the media are in full-blown panic mode after a video of Biden wandering away from the G7 group went viral.

The Democrat-media complex is going into full damage control to protect Joe Biden.

The left-wing media claimed conservative media sites shared a viral clip of Biden without context.

The White House immediately came out and absurdly called the video of Biden meandering at G7 a “cheap fake” – this new label is a play on “deepfake” – a term to describe AI-generated content.

The longer video clip of doddering Joe is even more horrifying.

The stenographers at CBS lectured the public: Don’t believe your lying eyes!

“Misleading video clips of President Biden watching a skydiving demonstration at the G7 summit in Italy went viral last week, prompting the White House to say Biden is victim to a simpler version of “deepfakes.” So, what are “cheap fakes”?” fake news CBS said.

CBS dragged out their “executive editor” to sound the alarm on “cheap fake” videos of Joe Biden that are making the rounds on social media.

Cheap fake = videos of Joe Biden that prove he is suffering cognitive decline.


CBS actually deleted a posted on X because it “included the wrong version” of the video of Biden wandering off at G7.

CBS News got roasted for carrying the water for the Biden Regime.

As much as you hate the media, it’s not enough.

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