EU ELECTIONS WATCH: Dutch Right Wing Head to Head With Centre-Left in Exit Polls – Danish PM Assaulted While Campaining

The European Elections are on: voters from across the continent will chose their MEPs to represent them in the EU legislative body in Strasbourg and Brussels.

The elections started with the Dutch voters kick-starting the four days of voting across the Union

Exit polls in the Netherlands suggest a tight race between a left-green alliance and the conservative party of populist Geert Wilders.

BBC reported:

“Right-wing and far-right parties are widely expected to make big gains in many of the EU’s 27 member states, and that appears to have been borne out in the Netherlands, to an extent.

Although the Green-Labour alliance is set to take more seats in the European Parliament according to the exit poll, Mr Wilders’ Freedom Party is on course for big gains. But he has not repeated the runaway victory of last November’s general election.”

Results will only be released when every country has finished voting on Sunday evening.

“The next European Parliament will have 720 seats, with each country having seats proportionate to their population. Germany will have 96, France 81 and Italy 76, while the Netherlands has 31.”

Ireland and the Czech Republic voted today (7), and the rest of the EU votes over the weekend.

“A shift to the right has been widely expected in this election, with far-right parties eyeing victory in France, Belgium, Austria and Italy.

Their opponents are likely to take some satisfaction from Thursday night’s exit poll, because of the Green/Labour alliance’s performance. Geert Wilders’ party came first in Dutch national elections last November, and has secured a cabinet deal with three other parties, even though he will not be prime minister.”

A shift to the right in the European Parliament would upset the cart of the Globalist policies of green alarmism, crippling regulation in agriculture, unchecked mass migration and the impetus for war against Russia.

Meanwhile, the campaign in Denmark isn’t going so well, with the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen getting assaulted today (7) by a man in central Copenhagen.

Reuters reported:

“Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was beaten on Friday evening at Kultorvet [square] in Copenhagen by a man who was subsequently arrested. The Prime Minister is shocked by the incident’, her office said in a statement without giving further detail.

Police said on social media platform X they had arrested a man and were investigating the incident but declined to give further detail.

‘She seemed a little stressed’, Soren Kjergaard, who works as a barista on the square, told Reuters after seeing the prime minister being escorted away by security following the assault.”

This assault comes two days before Danes head to the polls. Just three weeks ago, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was seriously injured by a shooter in an assassination attempt.

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