Elon Musk Drops a Truth Bomb on the Leftwing Extinctionist Movement

The globalists had a difficult weekend. Far-right parties, also called centrists, were victorious in the EU elections on the continent in country after country.

The far left globalists saw their grip on power collapsing.

Reality got in the way. The far left today lives on fantasies and destruction of order not just in the United States but in Western Europe.

The people had enough.

Following the elections on Sunday Peter Sweden, a Gatewya Pundit contributor, posted this analysis on X

Peter Sweden:  HUGE NEWS Green parties are COLLAPSING all over Europe in the EU elections. The right-wing parties opposed to the woke agenda, open borders and Net Zero have seen massive wins.

That’s when Elon Musk chimed in and dropped a reality bomb.

Elon Musk: The “right-wing” agenda today is just the centrist agenda of 20 years ago. The left has become an extinctionist movement.

This is not the first time Elon explained his politics. Previously, Elon posted this explainer on where he stood politically. He correctly describes the left’s lurch to insanity and suffering.
(Not sure about the date of this post on X.)

And Elon Musk explained what he thought of George Soros with Joe Rogan and his extinctionist policies – “He fundamentally hates humanity – he’s doing things to erode the fabric of civilization.”

“In My Opinion, He Fundamentally Hates Humanity – He’s Doing Things to Erode the Fabric of Civilization” – Elon Musk Blasts George Soros During Joe Rogan Interview (VIDEO)

Elon understands the Soros game.

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