Dr. Phil on the Weapanization of the Goverment Against President Trump “If You Let Your Hatred for Donald Trump Compromise Your Ability to Find True North  on Your Moral Compass, Shame on You” (Video)

Dr. Phil McGraw

On Thursday, June 6, “Dr. Phil Primetime” will air a special two-hour event featuring President Donald Trump.

The first hour will be a one-on-one candid interview between Dr. Phil McGraw and President Trump from Mar-a-Lago.  

Following the interview, Dr. Phil will host a live town hall with his Dallas studio audience to discuss the interview, the recent trial, and the broader implications for America’s future.

Monday night’s show focused on how this conviction is a judicial travesty. Closing the episode, McGraw discussed his concerns about the weaponization of the government against President Trump and other political rivals of the current regime and the potentially catastrophic implications it has for democracy.

“I wanted to share my final thoughts about this.”

“This weaponization of our great institutions, the FBI, Justice Department, and individual states’ similar institutions, will lead to one of two outcomes. One is more of the same from the other side, tit for tat.  That may seem deserved, but that is not the right way forward for America. The other is what I call on you to demand from your politicians today. An end to this craziness in order to save the soul and sanity of our country.”

“The Pope has actually given us the right approach in his new book when he says, ‘We are all brothers and sisters, and there must be no resentment among us. For any war to truly end, forgiveness is necessary.’ That is true of any war, including our current cultural war. We need our Justice Department to return to the business of meting out justice and not running the political agendas of those currently in power, blindly seeking convictions, warranted or otherwise, and attacking political opponents.”

“That requires a very few important things from each of you, from all of us.  Finding your voice, forgiveness, and focus on the way forward.  ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ Forgiveness, and at the same time requiring better.”

“We are not some Banana Republic for God’s sake.”


“I don’t like what I see happening in our country.”

“I don’t like seeing the weaponization of our justice system, agencies, and powerful government actions, that frankly just make my skin crawl, for all of us and for my grandchildren.  And let’s be honest, this is so not just about Trump.”

“If you let your hatred for Donald Trump compromise your ability to find true North on your moral compass, shame on you.”



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