DEVELOPING: Russia Reportedly Opens New Front in Ukraine’s Northern Sumy Oblast – Chechen Special Forces With Former Wagner PMC Fighters Involved in the Offensive (VIDEOS)

Russian Chechen leader Ramzam Kadyrov has announced that Spetsnaz special forces have opened a new front in the war in Ukraine, and conquered the border village of Ryzhevka, in the Sumy region.

The reports are that the Ukrainian defenders suffered significant losses and would be retreating.

Ryzhevka, located on the border with Russia’s Kursk region, would be the first loss in Ukraine’s Sumy region.

Russian Federation assault squads reportedly broke through the Ukrainian border, activating the long-awaited (and much dreaded by Ukrainians) Sumy offensive.

Some geolocated posts in X seem to confirm this breakthrough, but Kiev is so far denying this, and the Russian Ministry of Defense hasn’t officially called it yet.

The Defense Post (with AFP) reported:

“Kadyrov said fighters from his Akhmat battalion ‘together with servicemen from other Russian units carried out tactical operations and liberated another settlement from the enemy’.

‘It is the village of Ryzhivka, which is on the border with the Kursk region’, the Chechen leader said in a post on Telegram.

‘As a result of large-scale planned offensive actions, the Ukrainian side suffered significant losses and was forced to retreat’, he added.”

Watch: Russian assault squads break through the Ukrainian border, reportedly activating the long-awaited Sumy offensive.

Images vastly shared online appear to show fighters of the Wagner PMC group included in the Chechen Akhmat battalion near the administration of Ryzhevka.

Former Wagner PMC fighter holds the group’s banner near the administration of Ryzhevka.

Some pro-Ukrainian X accounts do not deny the developments, but rather say that Ryzhevka has been a ‘grey zone’ under Russian fire control for many months.

But it has long been expected by Ukrainian military that such an offensive was imminent.

Watch: Ukrainian Azov chief of staff Bogdan Krotevich says in 2024 Russian will invade Kiev again, from Sumy, Chernigov regions, and possibly Belarus.

This is a developing story.

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