DEPLORABLE: Radical Leftist Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock Launches Despicable Attack on Christian Trump Supporters During Interview (AUDIO)

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Far-left Georgia Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock launched a repulsive attack on Christian Trump Supporters during a recent interview with a prominent liberal media outlet.

As Mediaite reported, Warnock was a guest on “The New Yorker Radio Hour” on June 7. During the show, host David Remnick asked Warnock, a Baptist pastor, a question about why Christians would line up behind a man who “lies” like President Trump:

“The enormous number of people of earnest faith who look at someone who lies the way (Trump) does, who’s now been convicted of multiple felonies, how do you analyze that?” Remick inquired.

Warnock responded by comparing these salt-of-the-earth people to so-called “Christians” who long ago supported slavery and segregation. The abolition movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King, of course, had strong Christian elements.

Well, there were a number of Christians, a whole lot of Christians, who were pro-slavery. And, there are a whole lot of Christians who were pro-segregation.

There’s a recurring line by Martin Luther King Jr. in his letter from the Birmingham jail. He says it a few times, and in his speeches — he says, ‘I am so disappointed in the American church.

What kind of people worship there? Who really is their God? That’s the question for this moment. ‘Who really is their God?’ Particularly when we’ve been told by a lot of folks on the far right for years that their focus is family values.

LISTEN (The conversation in question starts around the 13:00 mark:

Warnock then launched an attack on President Trump’s morality and slammed Christians for daring to line up behind him. The senator concluded by once again asking, ‘Who really is their God?’

And those same people now are lined up behind Donald Trump. A man who has had several marriages, who found himself caught up in the crosshairs of his decision to have an affair with a porn star, and these same folks who raised these issues around family values and private morality are the ones who are speaking as if he is the Messiah of God.

I think the question that Dr. King asked all those years ago is especially relevant at this moment: ‘Who really is their God?’

As The Gateway Pundit readers know, Warnock is a racial agitator who supports abortion-on-demand, discriminating against white people, empowering the radical-left trans movement, and far more un-Christian policies. Moreover, Warnock allegedly ran over his ex-wife’s foot during a domestic dispute.

And he has the nerve to lecture others on morality?

The truth is that Trump and his fans are far more incredible people than Warnock will ever be. It’s a shame that Georgia residents have not yet realized this.

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