Democrat Senator Chris Coons Offers Terribly Weak Defense of Biden’s Border Policies (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s America.

Democrat Senator Chris Coons was on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan on Sunday morning to discuss Biden’s border chaos.

With the Border crisis reaching epidemic levels, those who support the Biden regime will continue to defend failing policies at any cost.

“In our polling, only about 20 percent believe Biden’s policies would decrease the number of migrants. Are you worried that it’s just simply too late?” Brennan asked.

“No, I don’t think it is cause frankly I think the American people understand the difference between substance and showmanship,” Senator Coon said.

He even blamed the Republican party for the border.


The American people do understand very clearly that Joe Biden lacks substance and showmanship.

“You were critical when Donald Trump used this 212 act authority under his administration. Why do you support President Biden’s use of it?” Brennan asked.

“Because there is a stark difference in the values that President Biden and former President Trump bring to trying to address border security and immigration,” Senator Coon said.

He then continued to lie about President Trump.


There is a stark contrast-Trump wants to secure the border while Biden wants to leave it open for future Democrat voters.

Last week Joe Biden held a phony press conference at the White House talking about his executive order to secure the border. In reality it does not do anything useful to protect our country from invasion.



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