Democrat Capitol Hill Communications Director Brags About Student Loan Forgiveness – Immediately Backfires

Democrat Rep. Marcy Kaptur (OH-9)

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s (D-OH) communications director, Ben Kamens, took to X last night to brag about his student loans being paid.  Kamens posted a photo of a letter stating,

“Congratulations!  The Biden-Harris Administration has forgiven your federal student loan(s) listed below with Nelnet in full.”

The letter lists two loans totaling $8,250 from 2010 as the “forgiven” loans.

In July 2023, the United States Supreme Court struck down the “Biden-Harris Administrations” attempt to “forgive” student loans, or rather, to transfer that debt to everyone else via taxes.  In Biden v. Nebraska, Chief Justice John Roberts opined in the 6-3 decision, “characterizing the decision as a straightforward interpretation of federal law,” according to

Holding: The Secretary of Education does not have authority under the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003 to establish a student loan forgiveness program that will cancel roughly $430 billion in debt principal and affect nearly all borrowers.

Even former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on the record after the decision stating:

“People think that the President has the power for debt forgiveness.  He does not.  He can postpone.  He can delay.  But he does not have that power.  That has to be an act of Congress.

That didn’t stop “The Biden-Harris Administration” from circumventing the Supreme Court’s ruling and ignoring criticism of the former Democrat leader of the House and reallocating more than $146 billion to forgive the loans of more than 4 million Americans who were contractually obligated to pay for a service they received.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s communications director Ben Kamens took to X to brag about this forgiveness.  In doing so, he left his personally identifiable information unredacted on the post that has more than 14 million views at the time of this writing.

It didn’t take long for the internet to discover that Kamens listed his address at a $557,000 home in Pennsylvania and likely makes around $113,816 per year in his position, according to  We have taken screenshots and redacted them for the Democrat’s communications director.  From the Co-Founder of The American Tribune, @JRobFromMN on X:


The Biden-Harris Administration is transferring the burden of hundreds of billions in debt from individuals who made conscious decisions to attend college and placing it on the shoulders of hard-working Americans who are already being pummeled by high inflation, cost of living, and astronomical mortgage rates.  And Biden is doing this in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling and his own party leader’s admissions.

And they’re putting their name all over it to garner gratitude from these individuals by stating “The Biden-Harris Administration has forgiven your federal student loan(s)…”

No, Joe.  The People are being unlawfully forced to forgive those student loans.  Not you.

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