Delusional Joe Biden Makes Laughable Claim About Debate at Posh Fundraiser in New Jersey While Smearing President Trump

While Joe Biden’s future as the Democrat Party’s presumptive presidential nominee is uncertain, he remains as demented and delusional as ever. reported Saturday that while at a private Saturday fundraiser in New Jersey hosted by Governor Phil Murphy, Biden admitted to the paltry crowd his debate performance was not up to par and vowed to fight back.

Biden then made a bizarre claim about Thursday’s presidential debate with President Trump that completely contradicts all available facts.

“Research during the debate shows us converting more undecided voters than Trump did, in large part because of his conduct on Jan. 6,” Biden boasted to the 50 attendees. “People remember the bad things during his presidency.”

“The big takeaway was his lies,” he added.

The New York Post notes that this boast from Biden is complete nonsense. Several polls released in the last two days show Biden’s support has dwindled across the board.

Moreover, even CNN’s own poll showed Trump won the debate in a massive landslide.

Biden also took a series of cheap shots against Trump. He first called his predecessor a “genuine threat” to America and emphasized that Trump’s economic plans would worsen inflation.

At last check, inflation was not an issue until Biden assumed power.

Biden went on to hammer Trump’s treatment of our nation’s veterans, which is quite ironic considering his own disgusting behavior toward our men and women in uniform.

Murphy had nothing but praise for the mentally declining Biden, calling him “America’s comeback kid.” He also vowed not to abandon him despite the campaign crisis.

“You’re on fire and we are all with you 1,000%,” Murphy said to Biden.


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