Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0? Pentagon Worries That Stealth Russian Nuclear Submarines Will Haunt American Coastline Undetected

In many aspects, the world is reliving some of the worst aspects of the old Cold War.

For the American citizens, there is perhaps no worse flashback to those dark days than to know that a nuclear-capable Russian submarine is prowling the Atlantic waters near the US maritime borders. And worse: the Pentagon may not know quite exactly where it is.

To a great extent, Russia’s sending of a naval flotilla to Cuba is consistent with routine military deployments by Moscow.

But there is one with detail that’s out of the ordinary, according to U.S. national security advisor Jake Sullivan.

Miami Herald reported:

“’There are elements of this one that are different, that are distinct’, he said. ‘They have a submarine associated with this port visit that they have not had before’.

The first deployment of a nuclear submarine to Cuba since the end of the Cold War has served not only as a message to the Biden administration of Moscow’s displeasure with continued U.S. support for Ukraine, but also of its increasing ability to stalk U.S. coastlines with stealth submersibles — a growing concern for the U.S. military, multiple officials familiar with the matter told McClatchy and the Miami Herald.”

It’s not a Russian ‘displeasure’ with ‘support’ for Ukraine – the Pentagon actually is waging a proxy war against Moscow ‘until the last Ukrainian’.

And now that feeble President Joe Biden has allowed Kiev to shoot the US-supplied long-range missiles against targets inside Russian territory, the tit-for-tat endless escalations are getting really scary.

Head of the U.S. Northern Command, Gen. Gregory Guillot has warned Congress that the Russians could deploy as much as 12 nuclear submarines in the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, in a ‘persistent conventional threat’ to the US.

Could the current Russian deployment in Havana be the beginning of a renewed pattern of Russian submarine activity?

“The Kazan, a Yasen-class sub, joined three other Russian combat vessels that U.S. officials characterized as routine visitors to Cuba’s shores.

As the Kazan breached the waters of the port of Havana on Wednesday, Russian state media reported that the vessel had demonstrated it is ‘capable of quietly approaching U.S. shores’ within 50 kilometers, or about 30 miles. U.S. officials acknowledged […] that the Russian fleet had skirted the coast of Florida by a similar distance on its approach to Cuba.”

While Russian sources report that the Pentagon can’t track the stealthy Kazan, US officials maintain that the U.S. military assets ‘never lost track of the Kazan on its approach to Havana’.

But as the Slavic nation sub technology evolves, Pentagon leaders warn that it’s just a matter of time before Russian subs near US maritime borders become a persistent, 24-hours-a-day threat.

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