Comedian Marlon Wayans Roasts Fani Willis’ Lover Boy Nathan Wade in Hilarious Interview (VIDEO)

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In a recent interview on “Choppin’ It Up with Quon,” comedian Marlon Wayans (Quon) did not hold back as he took a jab at Nathan Wade, the former special prosecutor hired by his lover, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, to go after President Trump.

From the moment the interview began, it was clear that Nathan Wade was in for a wild ride.

Wayans wasted no time diving into the heart of the controversy surrounding Wade’s affair with Fani Willis.

Wayans: Yo, what’s up? Welcome to Choppin’ It Up with ‘Quon. This is me. You know what I’m saying? I’m here giving the real questions that the real people want to know. Today, I got my man Nathan Wade. Looking smooth. What was your first thought when your affair with Fani Willis came to public light?

Wade: I don’t label it. It’s not an affair.

Wayans: Wifey?

Wade: Ms. Willis is a respectable mother, a brilliant legal mind. We spent countless hours preparing this case, investigating.

Despite Wade’s attempts to downplay the relationship, referring to Willis as a “respectable mother” and a “brilliant legal mind,” Wayans wasn’t buying it and continued to poke fun at the situation.

Wayans’ humor was on full display as he painted vivid and exaggerated scenarios, such as insinuating that the countless hours spent together in preparation for legal cases naturally led to more intimate encounters. He joked about foot rubs turning into desk-bound escapades, much to Wade’s discomfort.

Wayans: I see, countless hours. Hours. ‘I need a foot rub.’ You know what I mean? She rubbed your foot? ‘Here, let me give you a massage.’ All of a sudden, we end up on this desk. Man…

Wade: No, not even close. Not even close.

Wayans: She liked you, or you liked her?

Wade: During the course of the investigation, we would meet early mornings, weekends, spend full days.

Wayans: How can you not hit that? How can you not?

Wayans humorously demonstrated various sex positions, pressing Wade to clarify exactly which one he and Willis have engaged in.
Wayans humorously demonstrated various sex positions, pressing Wade to clarify exactly which one he and Willis have engaged in.

Wayans didn’t hold back. As soon as he heard the word “position,” Wayans began mimicking various sex positions, humorously trying to clarify which one Wade and Willis might have engaged in.

Wayans: So let me ask you, when Old Girl was like, ‘Hey, babe, you want to be in charge of this prosecution of the President of the United States who did this insurrection,’ did you think this could get messy, or you was like, ‘No, I’ll be all right?’

Wade: We did not have that type of relationship at the outset, and we were interviewing other people for the position.

Wayans: What position was it?

Wade: It was the position of special prosecutor.

Wayans: Did that position look like this? Or did that position look like this?

Wade: So no.


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