Colorado On The Brink: How The Republican Primary For Lauren Boebert’s Former District Is Shaping Up To Be A Race Between A Pro-Trump Warrior And An Establishment Favorite – Its Outcome Can Determine Not Just The Fate Of Colorado, But Of The Nation

So much attention this year has been deservedly placed on this November’s all-important presidential contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  But there are countless other critical races for House and Senate seats whose outcomes are every bit as important because they will decide how easily President Trump can begin implementing his agenda from the get-go.

Enter Colorado: a pivotal state that can decide the makeup of the House this year.

In particular, the third congressional district.  CD-3 was formerly Rep. Lauren Boebert’s old haunt before redistricting, where she is now running in CD-4.  The CD-3 Republican primary race is shaping up to be a significant one for Colorado – and by extension, can prove pivotal in tilting the scales for either party in the House of Representatives come January 2025.

The district primary, which includes the luxurious skiing town Aspen, is set for June 25th, a week from today.  The presumptive Democratic nominee is Adam Frisch, a far-left longtime member of the Aspen City Council whom Boebert narrowly defeated in 2022.

The Republican field boasts at least six other candidates, though everyone has their sights on two people: Jeffrey Hurd and Ron Hanks.  As in any congressional race, there is the preferred candidate of the GOP establishment: here, it is Jeffrey Hurd, who was backed by former Colorado Representative (among a laundry list of other establishment politicians) Scott Tipton, the same man who was defeated by MAGA firebrand Lauren Boebert just four years ago.

At the time, Boebert’s victory was considered a huge upset and a major wrench thrown in the Colorado and national GOP machine.  But with redistricting now sending Boebert into CD-4, the district is ripe for takeover by Tipton’s surrogate, Jeffrey Hurd, who is attempting to sliver into the desired seat.

Hurd has received major establishment backing: over a million dollars have been poured into his primary race so far, which is a ton of money, especially considering that the primary field is jam packed with candidates.  Among the special interests that have contributed to Hurd’s effort include Never Trump organizations like Americans For Prosperity and Koch Industries, both of which have donated tens of thousands of dollars collectively to Hurd’s campaign, according to FEC reports.

By sharp contrast, much like President Trump’s own national campaign, Ron Hanks, the MAGA candidate, has waged a grassroots crusade.  His campaign is run on the backs of hundreds of small money donors, not the big-money special interests that fuel establishment favorites like Jeffrey Hurd.

Explaining why he entered the race, Hanks told a local newspaper back in December that: “The danger [for Democratic subversion in Congress] is real, and it revived the enlisted man in me: I cannot sit idly by when a threat alarm sounds. I’ve stood in the line of fire of an unhinged leftist media and their puppet masters in the Democrat Party before, and I will stand in the fight for CD3 and our common conservative values.”

The Colorado Uniparty has one of the worst track records in the country.  Thanks to it, the once prolific Centennial State is now, tragically, on life support.

For starters, the economy has been brought to near-ruin by the Green New Deal, which has virtually annihilated Colorado’s once robust energy sector that included some of the largest coal, natural gas, and oil reserves in America.

Rather than shift to sensible pro-energy policies that would make Colorado, once one of the largest producers of natural gas in the United States, energy independent – its policymakers have gone the opposite way.  Instead, they have pushed destructive measures that have made it impossible to allow for hydraulic fracking or coal mining.

The Left, which is enabled and abetted by establishment Republicans like Tipton and his handpicked lackey, Jeffrey Hurd, have wrought havoc on Colorado’s energy sector in the name of environmentalism – even though Colorado harbors some of the cleanest coal reserves in the world.

Policies that tapped into the state’s own reserves would be better, in the long run, for both economy and environment.  But these commonsense solutions have been prohibited by members of both parties.

At the same time, Tipton supported Colorado’s radical far-left Governor Jared Polis in backing programs that have replaced fracking with pernicious wind turbines and solar energy.  Rather than improve the environment, these programs have of course had the complete opposite effect.

They have also proven to be a colossal waste of money because wind turbines, much like electric vehicles, require as much if not even more energy than oil and coal to keep operating.

The costs associated with powering and maintaining alternative energy programs fall ultimately on the Colorado taxpayer.  Coloradans bear the heavy burden of paying more on their already skyrocketing taxes to transport oil and coal from out-of-state to power Green New Deal energy programs because of the absurd environmental regulations supported by the State Uniparty.

Adding insult to injury, the Colorado Uniparty has introduced Northwestern wolves, a non-native species, into the state to combat emissions from cattle and other livestock, as part of their crazed “Green” agenda.

Unsurprisingly, these suicidal “policies” have done far more damage to Colorado’s once picturesque landscape, which went from being the envy of the world to another casualty of “Green” policies all just within a very short period of time.

But the damage wrought by Colorado’s Uniparty on the environment is just the tip of the spear: Colorado’s Governor, Jared Polis, is a far-left extremist whose policies take clear inspiration from Karl Marx and the World Economic Forum.

Under his administration, Colorado has passed the most radical abortion laws of any state in the country, even outpacing states like New York and California, with no gestation bans and no exceptions.  This would theoretically allow abortions up to and potentially past birth, something that New York does not even allow.

Polis’ extremism has also infused schoolrooms across the state: the Colorado State Uniparty has launched an all-out war on children and the First Amendment by passing draconian policies that would actually jail teachers who dare to misgender or misname a transgender student.  Polis and the Uniparty have also put parental rights on the chopping block.

The Governor has promoted laws that advance the hyper-sexualization of children, starting at kindergarten age and sometimes even younger.  In the process, he has waged an onslaught on parental rights by denying – and even punishing – parents who do not want their children groomed and poisoned by extremist LGBT ideologies.

As Tipton and other Colorado Republicans allowed these insidious policies to take hold, Ron Hanks has been a lone voice crying out in the wilderness.  Hanks is one of just a handful of Colorado lawmakers to have taken the charge directly to the Uniparty.

A 32-year military veteran, he is known by the moniker “raging Ron” by his peers for debating Colorado’s horrific abortion laws at one point for 24 hours straight from the floor of the Colorado State Legislature, where he served as a member from 2021-2023.

“Raging” Ron Hanks has his MAGA bona-fides.  A veteran of the United States Air Force, Hanks is an America First patriot with a wealth of experience in both politics and as an entrepreneur.

His military experience resulted in tours of duty in Iraq, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates, where he served as an intelligence officer before retiring in 2017.  When home, he worked fracking in the oilfields of North Dakota.

While in the Colorado state legislature, Hanks fought tirelessly against the Colorado Uniparty’s program of managed decline that has decimated its once great energy reserves, poisoned the schools with wokeism, stripped Coloradans of their speech and gun rights, and turned the once serene Centennial State landscape into a dumping ground for illegal aliens.

Hanks’ populist campaign is driven by his loyalties to the Constitution and blue-collar Coloradans.  As a state legislator, he stood firmly for parental rights and was vocally opposed to vaccine and mask mandates.  He, like so many of his fellow Coloradans, has been horrified by Colorado’s descent into Third Worldism once it officially became a Sanctuary State – which has allowed human trafficking and illegal drug use, including the extraordinarily lethal fentanyl trade — to explode beyond comprehension.

Hanks was on Capitol Hill last week and met with members of the Freedom Caucus, including Rep. Boebert, to acquaint them with his policies and reaffirm his unwavering commitment to President Donald Trump.

Ron Hanks has also made election integrity a cornerstone of his congressional platform – knowing full well that we cannot have a free country without fair elections.  Hanks supports policies that would require in-person and same-day voting, as well as voter ID.  He has also pledged to outlaw Dominion Voting Systems and other electronic voting machines that make fraud all but inevitable.

These policies are very important in a state like Colorado run by far left lunatics like Jared Polis and Colorado’s Marxist Secretary of State, Jena Griswold.  The latter unforgettably launched a failed and illegal campaign to remove President Trump’s name from the ballot just this year.  Although this action was thankfully struck down by the Supreme Court, other subversive actions by Colorado Democrats are in the works.

These harsh realities, more than anything else, underscore the need for America First candidates, like Ron Hanks, to be elected to Congress who can offer much-needed political protection for President Trump once he gets reelected.

Ron Hanks has stood constantly by President Trump’s side through thick and thin.  He has strongly condemned Biden’s weaponization of the Justice Department to wage an unprecedented attack on the 45th President as a last-ditch attempt to interfere with this year’s presidential race.

Ron Hanks is opposed to weaponized lawfare in every form and has been a stalwart defender of its targets – such as the J6 political prisoners as well as every law-abiding American who has been scapegoated, labeled a domestic terrorist, and in some cases raided and indicted by Joe Biden and Merrick Garland over the past four years.

For standing on America First principles, Ron Hanks has been ostracized by Colorado’s Uniparty.  But that has not deterred him from boldly pushing forward, despite the tremendous opposition he faces from party elites (and their financial backers) on both sides of the aisle.  At the end of the day, he knows he has the people of Colorado on his side — which is all that matters.

Ron Hanks is unwavering in his pro-Trump, Colorado and America First commitments.  Once elected to Congress, he pledges to join Lauren Boebert as a staunch ally and defender in Congress of President Trump’s from Colorado.  He will work tirelessly to break the chains of tyranny imposed on Coloradans by Jared Polis and the State Uniparty.  He will work nonstop to lead a radical course correction for the once great Centennial State.

You can help Ron Hanks, a self-described “pro-Trump warrior,” by visiting his campaign website here.

Consider making a contribution to help Ron Hanks in his efforts to make Colorado – and America – great again.  The primary is scheduled to take place on June 25th.   Your support goes a long way to help liberate Colorado from the snares of Woke Communism of the State Uniparty.

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