CNN’s Van Jones Sounds Alarm for Dems – Says the ‘Obama-Biden Coalition’ is Falling Apart (VIDEO)

During an appearance at a recent conference, CNN’s Van Jones was asked why Biden is losing so much support from minority voters.

Jones gave a very realistic answer, saying that the coalition of voters that formed in the Obama/Biden years has eroded as minority voters increasingly become disenfranchised by the Democrats and the far left.

He even echoed James Carville, saying that men are sick and tired of being lectured to about every little thing.

Townhall reports:

CNN’s Van Jones Explains Why the Obama Coalition Is Collapsing Right Now

Jones admits that the vast majority of black people are going to vote for Biden, but that’s not the point: there is a segment that is “hurtin’ and uncertain” about their place in the party. The white working class has defected en masse—that’s over. Now, black and Latino working-class voters are following. Jones isn’t the only one to make this point. James Carville has already conceded that Democrats are going to lose Hispanic men this year. And both men pointed to the same reason: they’re tired of the woke lectures.

“They’re just tired of being lectured, tired of being wrong, tired of being criticized, tired of being called toxic; tired of, frankly, a lot of other groups getting more out of the Biden administration than black folks got,” added Jones.

Biden’s support among blacks under 50 has been more than halved, falling from an 80-point advantage in 2020 to just 37. Trump is on pace for a historic performance among black voters. If it holds, this election is over.

Watch the video:

Trump is on track to do better with minority voters than any Republican in history and it’s driving Democrats crazy.

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