Chuck Schumer Repeatedly Booed While Speaking at Israel Parade in NYC (VIDEO)

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was booed at Sunday’s Israel parade in New York City.

In the ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza, Schumer has faced backlash despite being the highest-ranking Jewish official in the U.S.

Newsweek reports,

As the senator was being introduced to speak during a parade for Israel in New York City on Sunday afternoon, boos could be heard erupting from the crowd, videos show.

Videos shared to X, formerly Twitter, show the booing continue as Schumer chants, “Bring them home,” in reference to the remaining hostages still being held in Gaza. About half of the Israeli hostages were freed during a temporary ceasefire in November.

The Israel Files on X criticized the New York lawmaker on Sunday while sharing a video of Schumer being booed.

Israel Files X also hilariously pointed out that Schumer couldn’t be bothered to pronounce the name of one of the hostages correctly.

“Rough day for Senator Charles Schumer at the Israel Day Parade today,” The Israel Files wrote. “Participants booed Schumer en masse and held up signs like this one about Schumer turning his back on the Jewish People.

To make matters worse for himself, Schumer completely mispronounced the name of Israeli hostage Sagui Dekel-Chen. Mark my words: President Biden and Senator Schumer are completely underestimating Jewish sentiment right now, and unless they seriously change course they’ll have quite an election season.”

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, over 36,000 Palestinians have been killed and over 76,000 wounded in Israel’s monthslong offensive in Gaza.

Despite not separating civilians from combatants, the Hamas-run ministry says at least two-thirds of those killed were children or women.

Back in March, the New York Democrat outrageously called for new elections in Israel and labeled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an “obstacle to peace.” Netanyahu rightly dismissed Schumer’s delusional criticism, calling the comments “ridiculous.” This goes to show the audacity of Democrats overstepping in foreign affairs they clearly don’t understand.

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