‘Christians Against Trumpism’ Co-Founder Arrested for Soliciting Sex from 15-Year-Old Boy

Christians Against Trumpism co-founder Joel Searby posing with a photo with Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson. Wilson responded to the photo posted on X with “Ride or die, brother”

Earlier this week, video of the leader of the Democrat LGBTQ Diversity Council Chair, Michael Knaapen, attempting to solicit violent sex from what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy was released by Predator Poachers’ Alex Rosen.

The disturbing 50-minute confrontation and was released here.  The remarks from Knaapen’s alleged conversation with a 14-year-old are extremely graphic and incredibly disturbing.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Knaapen visited the White House last year on three occasions and was allegedly a guest at Vice President Kamala Harris’s house during a ‘Pride’ event recently.

Several claims were going around on social media that Knaapen was pictured in the above photo with Lincoln Project co-founder, Rick Wilson.

However, that is not Michael Knaapen.  According to a post on X, that is co-founder of Christians Against Trumpism and Political Extremism, Joel Searby.

The “Christians Against Trumpism” co-founder is facing charges for lewd/lascivious conduct, two counts of obscene communications related to luring a minor to meet for sex, and using a two-way communications device to facilitate a felony.

Searby allegedly contacted his teenage victim on the Snapchat app on June 19th. He was identified by a contact in the boy’s phone that was linked to Searby’s Snapchat account.

An Alachua County Sheriff’s deputy said that several pictures also clearly showed Searby’s face.

The alleged conversation quickly turned into what many consider ‘grooming.’  The Alachua Chronicle reports:

Searby then allegedly told the boy about a “secret crush” he had in high school with a man in his 40s: “Eventually we got a chance to be alone and he made a move on me to kiss me and I liked it. Then we did more stuff in secret whenever we could. He kinda like taught me stuff. It was fun… Don’t regret it lol. What you think?”

Searby allegedly asked the victim if he would ever do something like that and went into more detail about his sexual experiences with the older man while he was in high school, including oral sex.

Searby allegedly sent a shirtless photo of himself and asked the victim for a photo: “Sending me a pic of you helps me know I can trust you. But no pressure.”

Searby allegedly asked the victim if he would be willing to “just try stuff and you could say yes or no? Like I could walk you through it… That’s how it was for me with the guy when I was younger… I’m super secret I have to know you will keep it between us. It’s a huge deal.”

Searby then allegedly asked if the victim could come over to his house the next morning and help him with something. Searby allegedly sent another photo, showing a bulge in his underwear, and later sent two more shirtless photos. He told the victim that if he came over, they could do “some of what I described before” and reiterated that he had to “KNOW that you will keep it our secret. Forever… But as [sic] could both get in trouble if anyone finds out. Especially me. And NO ONE knows.”

At that point, a sheriff’s deputy took over the conversation from the victim’s side and asked Searby to send a fake text message that the boy could show his parents to justify him going over.

Searby obliged and wrote, “Hey bud hope all is well!  Are you able to come help me this morning by chance?  Have some things to move and a couple big limbs and need a hand.  Let me know.  Thanks!  Would probably take an hour or a little more.”

The deputy then asked Searby, “When you mentioned yesterday about jerking off.  Is that all we would be doing?”

Searby told him they could “take it one step at a time” and that they could stop if he started doing anything he didn’t want to do.

“I’ll walk you through it.”

Joel Searby was the chief strategist for Evan McMullin’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Earlier this week, The Federalist and Red State writer Chad Felix Greene posted a long thread on X today documenting his personal experience and his ideas about certain mindsets in the LGBTQ community regarding adults ‘grooming’ minors.

Greene includes several relevant articles and personal reflections about the exploitation of minors by “leftwing progressives.”  Searby, however, was a so-called “long-time Republican political operative” and claims to be a “Christian.”



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