Building an Election Watchdog Army: RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump Announces New Program to Train 100,000 Poll Workers and 500 Lawyers to Safeguard 2024 Election in November

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In a groundbreaking announcement made last Friday in Detroit, Michigan, Lara Trump, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), revealed plans to build a formidable watchdog army. This force will be tasked with safeguarding the integrity of our elections this coming November.

“Our other top priority is election integrity,” said Lara Trump. “If we don’t have free, fair, and transparent elections, nothing else matters. That is our goal at the RNC. Every single person in this country, regardless of how you vote, should want free and fair elections.”

Joined by RNC Chairman Michael Watley, she detailed the plans to mobilize an ‘election watchdog army’ that will operate across the United States in November.

“[Whatley and I started here in the state of Michigan, launching our election integrity program. What we want to do is train 100,000 people all across this country to be part of that team. Now, what does that mean? That means we want poll watchers, but not just that; we want poll workers. We have a unique opportunity right now that we have not had in 40 years as a party. For 40 years, there was a consent decree placed upon the RNC that did not allow us to train people to work as poll workers,” said Lara.

The RNC’s plan also includes training individuals to work in tabulation centers where mail-in ballots are processed. They are seeking attorneys who can be present at every major polling location to proactively address any issues that arise.

Lara called for any lawyers listening to join the effort, emphasizing that they do not have to be trained in election law. “We will train you on exactly what you need to be looking out for,” she said.

The RNC has set up a website,, for those interested in joining the team. The RNC will provide training in each state to equip team members with everything they need to know.



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