The Brewing Storm of Revolution is Upon Us… Patriots are Angry! (VIDEO)

There was a time when I would never even consider bringing up the idea of a Civil War in this great nation of ours. But now I fear we are closer to a revolution than we have been in over 100 years.

By no means am I calling for violence.

The fact is, those on the right are more peaceful and tolerant than anyone on the left. But the radicals continue to push us to a point where I feel the great patriots of this nation may break and push back.

That is NOT a point I want to get to.

Sadly the potential of corrupted Judge Juan Merchan in New York imprisoning President Trump may just lead to our nations breaking point.

This podcast explains how I want everyone to handle themselves if President Trump is imprisoned.

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Grant Stinchfield is the Host of "Stinchfield Tonight" on Real America's Voice weeknights at 7PM ET. He can also be found on the radio at AM870 "The Answer" in Los Angeles, CA. Dallas, TX is his home base for his constant war against the radical left.

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