Breaking: Dominion CEO Is Served in Manhattan in Tina Peter’s Lawsuit

Dominion CEO John Poulos is served by Yehuda Miller as he enters an office building in Manhattan.

Dominion CEO John Poulos was served on Thursday morning in Manhattan.

Conservative investigative journalist Yehuda Miller served Poulos as he entered work for Gold Star Mother Tina Peters.

The Gateway Pundit has reported about Dominion CEO and the Dominion voting machines in the past.

Patty McMurray wrote this report in February of this year.

On December 15, 2020, the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, John Poulos, testified before the MI Senate Oversight Committee in a hearing where he was asked about the Dominion Voting machines used in Michigan in the November 2020 election.

Before the MI Senate hearing, Mr. Poulos, who was accompanied by his lawyer, was sworn in:

The Chair of the Senate Oversight Committee, MI Senator Ed McBroom, was first to speak with Mr. Poulos and immediately asked if the Dominion Voting Machines were connected to the internet. In his response, Mr. Poulos explained that the voting machine is “designed” to be connected to the tabulator. Senator McBroom asked if, for some reason, “the locals were to have that computer connected to the world wide web and also networked to the tabulator, is there something in the software that would it shut things down at that point—would it continue to operate? What is the security protocol at that point?” Mr. Poulos appeared to point to the “locals” as the responsible parties for determining if the machines were indeed connected to the internet. “First and foremost,” he began, “the complete security that is under the control of the local authorities is paramount.” If this is indeed true, it would appear that he’s saying it’s up to the election officials in each polling place to ensure the security of the voting machines. The response by the Dominion Voting Machines president begs the question—What if, hypothetically, of course, there were “locals” like the hostile workers at the TCF Center in 2020 who, based on their actions on the day after the 2020 election, had a strong interest in Joe Biden coming from behind to win the election in 2020? And what if there were individuals overseeing the elections who were not interested in protecting the security of the machines?


Then-MI Senator Pete Lucido (R) asked Mr. Poulos, “How do I know, as a voter, Mr. Poulos, that I didn’t have any irregularity of the software being manipulated? How can I be sure of that?” The Dominion CEO responded by saying a “hand count audit and recount” would resolve any questions about the integrity of the machines.

MI Senator Pete Lucido (R) began his questioning of Mr. Poulos by asking if Dominion has any way to access any of the equipment on their machines remotely. The Dominion president responded by saying, “No.” Senator Lucido pressed the Dominion president, asking about the purpose of the USB port on the machines. Mr. Poulos asked for clarification about the type of machine Senator Lucido was referring to. When Senator Lucido clarified that he was speaking about the touchscreen voting machines, the Dominion president responded by saying, “Yes, there is,” adding that the touchscreen voting machines “are just an expensive fancy pen.” Mr. Poulos clarified that the “electronic pen” does not tabulate votes.

Only two weeks ago, during an elections security trial in a federal courthouse in Georgia, computer scientist and University of Michigan professor Alex Halderman revealed shocking election machine security vulnerabilities when he demonstrated how easily a voting machine could be tampered with. Using everyday items, which included a Bic pen and a $10 smart card.

All he needed was a pen to reach a button inside the touchscreen, a fake $10 voter card he had programmed, or a $100 USB device that he plugged into a cord connected to a printer, rewriting the touchscreen’s code.

Professor Halderman’s stunning real-time example of how easily voting machines can be manipulated raised questions about the reliability of Dominion’s voting equipment that has been used in Georgia’s elections.

In another exchange on December 15, 2020, during the MI Senate Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. MacDonald asked Dominion President Poulos, “Is it possible for a record value either locally or remotely? Mr. Poulos responded, “No, to my knowledge, it’s not.” He explained, “Even if it were, they certainly wouldn’t be able to do it undetected.” He added that “It would leave a trail” and that “several checks and balances within the machine could detect whether or not such a thing happened. Mr. Poulos concluded his response with, “Which, of course, I don’t think it can.” You don’t think it can? How is this an acceptable answer?

When asked by Senator MacDonald if it’s possible that votes could be manipulated by inserting a USB drive into the Dominion tabulators? Mr. Poulos responded, “No, I don’t think so,” adding, “Even if it was, it would be detected.” Detected by whom, and what, exactly did Mr. Poulos mean when he said he didn’t think so? Unfortunately, Mr. Poulos wasn’t pressed on his vague response and asked to guarantee it couldn’t happen.

In early December 2023, Attorney Michael J Smith called Macomb Prosecutor Peter Lucido’s office to request a meeting with his office because his client, Michael Lewis Butz, was making a perjury criminal complaint to Macomb County Sheriff Wickersham.

On December 9, 2023, Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido contacted Michael J. Smith via phone. When Smith didn’t answer, Mr. Lucido left the following message:

Mike—Pete Lucido. I got your message.

When I was in the Senate, on the Oversight Committee, we did Dominion. It was published and recorded, and it should be online.

The president of Dominion testified, and so did his engineer or software maker, and the questions were centered around whether or not there was access to the internet on these machines that Dominion made. He said no, and it was a lie!”

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