‘BIG BASTARD’: Black Bear Harassed Elderly California Woman for Months, Then Broke Into Her Home, Killed and Ate Her

After humans became the dominant species on Planet Earth, it slowly dawned on us a sense of responsibility towards all our fellow creatures.

One of the ways this was achieved was by portraying wild animals as these cute little wildlife friends, when in fact nature is brutal in a myriad of ways, and you only have to drift a bit away from urban centers to find out that humans are sometimes not all that dominant.

Case in point: the tragic tale of one 71 year old Pactice Miller, from Downieville, North California.

She was harassed by an aggressive black bear for months before it broke into her home and killed her last year.

New York Post reported:

“Neighbors had reported seeing the bear, which she had dubbed ‘Big Bastard’, repeatedly returning to her house, according to the Sacramento Bee. Miller even installed steel bars across her windows to try to keep the bear out before it broke her door down, the newspaper reported.”

California authorities say Miller’s death is the first ‘documented’ fatal black bear attack on a human the state.

“’It appeared that the bear had probably been there several days and had been feeding on the remains’, Sierra County Sheriff Mike Fisher said.”

Downieville is a small mountain town in the middle of ‘Bear country’, and the number of bears spotted in town has soared in the last years.

“Sierra County Sheriff’s deputies found Miller’s door broken, which appeared to be how the bear got inside.

The bear had likely pulled Miller from her bed into her living room, the coroner’s report said, according to the Bee.”

The elderly victim wanted the bear to be removed – but not hurt. And then, it killed her.

But eventually, the dominant species has the final word – as the bear was eventually trapped and euthanized.

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