BIDENOMICS: Hooters Abruptly Closes 40 Locations, Citing Rampant Inflation

The iconic restaurant chain Hooters has abruptly announced the closure of 40 locations nationwide, citing the rising cost of food and rent.

The restaurant chain, known for its attractive and scantily dressed waitresses, will close stores in Florida, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia.

“Like many restaurants under pressure from current market conditions, Hooters has made the difficult decision to close a select number of underperforming stores,” a Hooters spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

“We look forward to continuing to serve our guests at home, on the go and at our restaurants here in the US and around the globe,” they added.

While Hooters may not be to everyone’s taste, the closures are further evidence of the economic toll caused by rampant inflation, which has soared since the Biden regime seized office in 2021.

Last month, the Red Lobster restaurant chain announced that it would be filing for bankruptcy and closing nearly 120 restaurants across 27 states after sustaining continued losses.

Meanwhile, a recent survey by Lending Tree found that having once been an affordable alternative for lower-income workers, nearly 80 percent of Americans now consider fast food to be a “luxury item.”

“Americans love fast food, but costs are forcing them to curb their cravings,” the survey stated. “3 in 4 Americans typically eat fast food at least once a week, but the majority (62%) say they’re eating it less due to rising prices. In fact, 65% of Americans have been shocked by the high price of a fast-food bill in the past six months.

“78% of consumers view fast food as a luxury because it’s become increasingly expensive. Additionally, half of Americans say they view fast food as a luxury because they’re struggling financially,” it continued. “This is especially true among Americans who make less than $30,000 a year (71%), parents with young children (58%), Gen Zers (58%) and women (53%).”

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