Biden Mumbles Through Remarks in France, Claims He’s a “Student of French History” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday delivered statements to the press following a parade procession to the Elysée Palace.

Saturday’s presser was part of Biden’s 5-day trip to France where he attended D-Day ceremonies in Normandy and held meetings with Emmanuel Macron.

Biden claimed he’s a “student of French history” during Saturday’s presser.

“It was a moving experience for a student of French history to be at the Champs-Élysées today. It was a moving experience for the whole delegation,” Biden said.

Biden is a student of French history, was raised by Puerto Ricans, attended a black church growing up, and was a star football player.


Joe Biden once again claimed that (non-existent) climate change is “the only existential threat to humanity, including nuclear weapons.”

“And the existential threat of climate change, which is just growing greater. We’re working together to accelerate the global transition to net zero. It is the only existential threat to humanity including nuclear weapons,” Biden said.


After incoherently rambling through his statement, Biden shuffled away without answering any questions.


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