“Biden Is Completely Wrong on Mass Amnesty Plan” – Spanish Immigrant and US Attorney Maria Herrera on FOX News (VIDEO)

Maria Herrera on FOX News with Bill Hemmer

US immigration attorney and Spanish migrant Maria Herrera joined Bill Hemmer on FOX News this week after Joe Biden announced his sweeping amnesty plan that will give millions of illegal migrants their immunity.

Maria believes this was a major mistake by the Biden regime. She also pointed out that a majority of Hispanics in the country today support a plan to deport illegal aliens in the country today.

Bill Hemmer: President Biden now rolling out a brand new executive action this week, shielding half a million migrants from deportation. That involves the spouses of US citizens… Maria Herrera immigrated the US legally from Spain, and she’s now an immigration attorney. Good morning to you, Maria… How did you get here legally?

Maria Herrera: Well, I immigrated. I had a scholarship to study in my doctorate in the United States. So I came here in 2008, and then I became a citizen in 2014.

I think President Biden is completely wrong about what he’s telling people. It’s just like we already have a lawful presence waiver in the United States that allow families to stay in the US and be able to adjust status, get green cars, as long as you show that there’s an extreme hardship to a US citizen or LPR spouse or parents. So what he’s saying is not true. I agree with Governor Abbott. It just makes no sense. This is not the time to make more concessions, especially now that we have the cartels and the organized crime running our border and ready to attack the US again.

Bill Hemmer: Well, there is several stories that have popped up, different parts of the country, where illegals are connected to crime, sometimes violent crime. You said migrants from Venezuela are a particular threat. How come?

Maria Herrera: Absolutely, because they are coming here. They belong to Tren de Aragua, which is an organized crime, and I totally disagree when Biden approved the TPS for Venezuelans. We know what will happen. We know what’s going on in Venezuela. We have seen how not only they kept together to commit fraud against the US, but they’re also helping other migrants to commit fraud in the US. That’s why I recommend the next President of the United States to establish, to set an office, a federal office, to combat immigration fraud. This fraud is rampant, and we are seeing it every day more than ever…

…You see the latest survey, over 53% of Hispanic Americans, they’re now in favor of deporting all migrants. Why? Because they’re scared. They face competition. They see that this is not the country that they aspire to live in. We’re seeing censorship. We’re feeling communism, Marxism. Now, they don’t want that. Biden is just like allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants coming without being vetted. That’s unfortunate. Not only that, when you come here, you go through the credible fear interview. It’s just like there’s not enough controls to make sure that who is coming has a legitimate path to become an asylum beneficiary and a green car holder. Over 80% of cases get denied in US courts. It’s for sure something that this administration is not concerned about. But this is a death sentence for migrants. For sure, the Congress is not going to pass an immigration reform, which, by the way, I don’t agree that the system is broken. They’re breaking the system every day.

Maria is an expert on this issue. Her interviews are always enlightening.

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