LOL! Badass Street Artist “Sabo,” Covers LA In SHOCKING Messages Only Days Before Clooney’s Celebrity Fundraiser For Biden

The confused “president” Joe Biden will skip the  “peace summit” in Switzerland on June 15-16, where his buddy Volodymyr Zelensky will speak. Instead, the Democrat Party presidential candidate, who is falling behind in funding, will fly to California, where the far-left actor George Clooney and his human rights lawyer wife are hosting a fundraiser with Julia Roberts and Jimmy Kimmel for the head of the Biden Crime Family.

Hollywood’s self-important actors Julia Roberts and George Clooney, with Clooney’s third-wheel wife, Amal.

The move is likely to anger Ukraine, which has warned that the struggling summit in Switzerland “needs” Mr Biden.

Vice President Kamala Harris talks to ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday.
Vice President Kamala Harris talks to ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday. (Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube screenshot)

As usual, whenever there’s a celebrity fundraiser for a high-profile politician, Sabo, the highly gifted street artist, covers the area where the fundraiser is being held with in-your-face messages most artists wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

The brilliant artist shared images that revealed his handiwork on his Facebook page. The first image is posted on a stop-sign-shaped sign showing the viral photo of then-VP Joe Biden breathing heavily on the neck of the young daughter of Democrat Senator Chris Coons during his swearing-in ceremony while he and his wife stood by and watched.  The image is glued over the sign to the entrance of the former comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who, thanks to Trump derangement syndrome,  is now an unfunny and angry little man with low ratings in the late-night space.

The second image Sabo shared on his Facebook page is a photo of a little girl peeking out of a shower curtain with an accompanying sign that reads, “Biden Bed Bath & Beyond,” a play on the now-defunct household goods chain that was one of the first stores to stop selling My Pillow brands. The little girl in the shower cap is a reference to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley’s diary,  which has now been authenticated, where she wrote about her dad, Joe, coming home and taking “inappropriate showers” with her.

A bench on a sidewalk features a similar scene but with Joe Biden joining the little girl in the shower.

George Clooney has had his own issues with Joe Biden’s White House policy, as he complained by text message last week about the president’s denunciation of the International Criminal Court’s issuance of arrest warrants for Israeli leaders, according to the Washington Post.

Clooney got his own bench in LA with a fitting message, considering how President Trump gets under his skin. The bench reads: ‘TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME – IT’S REAL AND MANY SUFFER, BUT THERE’S HELP – If You Or A Loved One Is Suffering From TDS, Eat Two —-s and call this number (—)——–

For the record, we have no idea whose number this is.

George Clooney’s activist wife, Amal, who is currently attempting to charge members of the Israeli Army with war crimes against Palestinians or Hamas (we’re not sure, as many times they are one and the same), was also a target of Sabo. Dressed as a Hamas terrorist, wearing a suicide vest and holding the detonator in her hand, the image also serves as an advertisement for their fundraiser for Biden.

The “O Brother Where Art Though?” poster is hilarious. It’s a take-off on the popular satirical movie by the same name that features George Clooney as one of three escaped convicts searching for hidden treasure while a sheriff relentlessly pursues them. Sabo’s poster features the 3 most prominent members of the Biden Crime Family: Joe, Hunter, and Joe’s brother Jim.

The final poster shared by Sabo features a cartoon rendering of a photo of Hunter found on his laptop that shows him smiling with teeth that appear to be rotted. The acronym FBI appears across the top of the poster featuring a gun-toting  Hunter, and next to his head, the poster reads, “The Fortunate First Son.” The words “Above the Law” run across the bottom of Hunter’s body next to the advertisement for the Clooney’s fundraiser for Joe Biden.

Sabo relies strictly on donations for his one-of-a-kind work that sends a strong message to voters who happen to encounter his work on park benches, street signs, and billboards. Readers can also purchase his unique, high-quality artwork by clicking on this LINK.

Mr. Biden called the warrants issued by Amal Clooney’s law firm “outrageous.” His administration has indicated they may sanction the ICC, which could affect Mrs. George Clooney. The Clooneys, however, remain steadfast in their commitment to support anyone for president with a “D” next to their name, regardless of their mental capacity or their apparent inability to lead the free world.

Why do people who love America continue to pay to see movies by these anti-American Hollywood freaks?


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