Almost a Year After Disastrous Fire, Residents of Lahaina in Hawaii Are Still Fighting for Chance to Rebuild (VIDEO)

An image captured by Davin Phelps shows the devastation in Lahaina, Hawaii.
Black fencing erected in Lahaina, Maui, in August 2023 to block the public’s view of ground zero of the Hawaiian fires (Video screenshot)

The fire that destroyed Lahaina on the island of Maui in the state of Hawaii was almost a year ago and yet residents of the community are still struggling to rebuild.

While Biden and congress rush to pass more spending for Ukraine on a regular basis, American citizens in Hawaii are still dealing with this. When was the last time you heard anyone in government even talk about Lahaina?

The Twitter/X post below reads:

UPDATE On The Lahaina Maui Fire Victims

NEW: “Aloha from Lahaina, Maui. June 22nd update. As you can see, you still can’t get into Lahaina. Access is still restricted. Nobody’s rebuilding yet still 10 months into the fires”

“To get a building permit, you have to go to the county. They now have a review board. You have to fill out this this paperwork. It’s just endless, and it takes forever. It’s a building permit process review board. Just everything’s just being slowed down and dragging on, and you wonder why.

And, um, so the army of engineers have said they cleaned out 1200 lots, residential lots of debris, ashes, toxic.

I don’t know what I still don’t know. I’m not an expert. What’s toxic?

They’re now slowly doing commercial lots. Like, 40 commercial lots have been cleared. They said they cleaned out 2,000 burned vehicles. I think it’s all moving slow, but, you know, people say, well, here, we’re on an island. But, anyway, you have to wonder why…

Crazy. So these are the little tiny container homes in Kahului for fire victims, but, you know, so many people have left the island. They’ve given up. It’s sad.“

Watch the video:

Have these people been forgotten and abandoned? Why are they not getting more attention and help from our leaders in DC?

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