AG Nessel’s Lawfare Case Against GOP Alternate Electors IMPLODES: Judge Rebukes AG’s Criticism of Her Fairly Conducted Trial–Lead AG Investigator Fumbles—Can’t Answer Critical Questions

Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel is the top law enforcement officer in the state. Unfortunately, for the lawfare queen, the case of her career, which involves charging 15 MI GOP electors with 8 felonies each, appears to be imploding.

MI Democrat AG Dana Nessel, Lead AG Investigator in MI GOP Electors case Howard Shock, and Judge Kristen D. Simmons

If Michigan’s Democrat attorney general is successful with her politically-motivated witch hunt against the Trump-supporting electors, and they are found guilty of all 8 felony charges, it would be enough to send each member of the group, which consists of primarily senior citizens, to prison for life.

MI GOP alternate electors are pictured above. The photo on the bottom row, second from the left, is James Renner, who has since accepted a plea deal with the MI AG’s office. Donors can contribute to the legal defense of the  MI GOP electors HERE

Unfortunately for the lawfare queen of Michigan, after three days of testimony by AG Nessel’s lead investigator, it is becoming increasingly clear that AG Nessel, or someone in her office, selected the wrong cop to investigate the manufactured crimes against the MI Republican electors.

Michigan’s partisan Democrat AG Dana Nessel

On Friday, MI GOP elector James Renner, who previously worked in the security division of the Michigan State Police Department, testified in front of Judge Kristen Simmons. During his testimony, Mr. Renner revealed that he had agreed to a plea deal several months ago in return for his testimony in the case against his fellow GOP electors. According to Mr. Renner, his lawyers were in discussion with the attorney general’s office even before the AG’s office filed formal charges against 15 of his fellow GOP electors. Unfortunately for the politically-motivated MI Attorney General’s office, Mr. Renner’s testimony only helped his fellow electors, as he confirmed under oath that he believed on December 14, 2020, when he signed the alternate slate of electoral votes, that the election was stolen from President Trump. He also told the defense lawyers that he continues to hold the same belief today.

Charges against MI GOP elector James Renner were dropped in exchange for his testimony in the case against his fellow GOP electors by the MI AG’s office. (Photo by Anna Liz Nichols/Michigan Advance)

On Monday, while under oath in the pre-trial case against 5 of the 15 electors in AG Nessel’s lawfare case, Nessel’s top cop, Agent Howard Shock, was brutally cross-examined by MI GOP Elector Marian Sheridan’s lawyer, John Freeman, who effectively shredded his case against his client, and by extension, all of the electors who’ve been charged in Nessel’s lawfare case.

MI GOP Elector Marian Sheridan’s criminal defense lawyer John Freeman

Attorney John Freeman explores whether or not the case against the electors is politically motivated

Mr. Freeman began his questioning of Attorney General Agent Howard Shock by asking if he had any previous experience in investigating a case that involved more than ten suspects. When Agent Shock responded that he did not, Marian Sheridan’s attorney asked why the AG’s office felt he was qualified to “lead this investigation?” Freeman asked Shock, who previously worked for a municipal police department, about the difference in working for a politically motivated Attorney General’s office headed by a partisan Democrat.

MI GOP Grassroots Vice Chair and Trump elector Marian Sheridan – Donations can be made to Marian’s defense by clicking on the Give Send Go LINK.

Assistant Attorney General Logan quickly objected to Freeman’s line of questioning, and to her credit, Judge Kristen Simmons allowed the question of Agent Shock by Marian Sheridan’s attorney to be answered. Freeman asked Shock, “Do you ever brief the attorney general on what’s going on in this case?” Shock replied, “Yes.” After Assistant AG LaDonna challenged Freeman, the judge allowed Mr. Freeman to continue with his line of questioning after he explained the public statements made by AG Nessel, where she criticized the pace of the case. Judge Simmons’s rebuke of AG Nessel was swift and pointed, “Any statements made about the pace of this case.

Clearly, I don’t see how they are relevant. It’s 16 co-defendants that she decided to bring. So, how long does she think that’s gonna take? They all have the right to cross-examine, and they all have the right to bring their own witnesses should they want to do that.

It’s 16 co-defendants that can’t all fit in one courtroom! So I don’t know how long that’s supposed to take. Maybe we should’ve cleared our entire year in advance and prioritized this case, but there’s other people who have a right to have their cases heard because they’re sitting in custody, and their cases take priority over this case.”

Attorney John Freeman then asked AG Nessel’s lead investigator about their key witness, James Renner, the GOP elector turned witness for the defense, who previously testified that there were about 30 people in the basement of the MI GOP headquarters in Lansing when the alternate slate of electoral votes was signed on December 14, 2020.

Mr. Renner stated that he could identify at least 15 of the individuals in the basement as fellow electors. Additionally, he stated that he could identify some of the individuals as attorneys for the Trump team and some as MI GOP officials. Mr. Renner admitted that he could not identify approximately 10 of the “white men” in the room.

Through cross-examination, Mr. Freeman was able to get the lead AG investigator in the case against the Trump electors to admit that he didn’t bother to subpoena or obtain a search warrant for surveillance of the meeting that took place in the basement of the MI GOP headquarters to determine who the identity of the additional 10 “white males” in the room.

Freeman asked Agent Shock why, if the basement of the MI GOP headquarters is considered the “scene of the crime,” why he didn’t bother to secure the video surveillance footage from inside or outside of the building to determine who was at the scene of the crime.

In a stunning example of his incompetence, whether intended or because of sloppy work, Agent Shock stated that he was unable to answer why he didn’t try to get any surveillance footage from the so-called scene of the crime.

At one point in Agent Shock’s testimony on Tuesday, things were going so badly for Agent Shock that the assistant attorney general admitted to the judge that she was attempting to get him to change his testimony.

After Shock testified that the elector’s strategy was intended to cause a “pause” in the electoral process, Judge Simmons interrupted the cross-examination to ask him about the so-called “crime” that was allegedly committed, “How is it that citizens taking efforts to cause their legislators to pause a process is a crime?” Judge Simmons asked.

The judge asked Shock to explain if the alternate slate of electoral votes cast by the GOP electors was intended to get VP Pence to accept their slate of electoral votes over the Democratic slate of electoral votes.

Several defense lawyers jumped up to question Assistant Attorney General LaDonna Logan, one of the officials in AG Nessel’s office who reportedly approved the ridiculous charges against the 16 GOP electors, as she attempted to convince her witness, Agent Shock, to revise his statement about his claim about the “pause” in the electoral process.

When the judge accused Logan of trying to impeach her own witness by encouraging him to change his previous testimony, she replied, “I’m allowed to impeach my own witness.” Judge Simmons, who has been very fair in this case, snapped back, “Impeach away. Impeach away,” adding, “That just discredits him further and further.”

It wasn’t the first time Judge Simmons mocked the credibility of Nessel’s dirty cop, who sat in the courtroom for multiple days trying to convince the judge that she should recommend the case against the mostly senior citizen electors, which would send them to jail for life if convicted of all 8 felony charges, should be heard by a jury in a separate trial.

On Monday, Judge Simmons reminded the court that AG Nessel’s lead investigator hadn’t given a “great presentation” after days of bumbling through answers that he was either unable to provide the defense lawyers or couldn’t answer because he didn’t appear to have his notes available for his testimony.

In what appeared to be a blatant lie under oath by Attorney Nessel’s lead investigative agent in the MI GOP electors case, he was asked on Tuesday by Attorney John Freeman if Agent Shock previously testified that there were “no statements that the electors were being told what to do on December 14, 2020,” by the Trump attorneys.

Agent Shock answered, “Yes.” Mr. Freeman shot back at the AG’s top cop, “That’s a lie, isn’t it?” Shock bumbled, knowing now that there are emails between Trump Attorney Chesboro and Marian Sheridan where he gave specific instructions about how to cast their backup slate of electoral votes for Trump.

Mr. Freeman drilled down further on the witness, reminding Agent Shock of a statement he made in his affidavit about Trump Attorney Shaun Flynn talking to the electors about becoming an alternate slate of electors. “Even your boss (Dana Nessel) believes that the electors believed that they were doing something that was okay. Isn’t that fair to say?” Mr. Freeman stated.

Assistant AG LaDonna Logan immediately jumped in and objected to Attorney Freeman’s statement, citing “relevance” and adding that Attorney General Nessel’s opinion on the case “doesn’t matter.”  The judge overruled the statement and appeared to admonish her as she reminded the assistant attorney general that her boss brought the case against the 16 electors and that the assistant attorney general was “acting as her agent” in court.

Mr. Freeman then hit a home run when he made the lead investigator admit that his boss, the AG of MI, had gone on the public record to say that “these electors believed what they were doing was okay.” “Yet, here we are today, and you’re maintaining that they had some criminal intent to defraud! That directly contradicts what your boss Dana Nessel has said, correct?” he asked. “Yes,” said Agent Shock.


This case started as a joke and is turning into an even bigger joke the longer it drags out. Like the Trump case in NYC, this case will likely backfire on Democrats, as each day, the basis of this case becomes more obvious. This case is about a witch hunt. It’s about taking out President Trump’s most respected leaders in each swing state where similar charges have been filed against electors.

When will the United States Congress begin to investigate if these cases against the GOP Trump electors and against Trump’s lawyers were coordinated between Attornies General in critical must-win swing states as a way to affect the outcome of the presidential election in 2024?


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