25-Year Shelf-Life Ribeye, NY Strip, and Tenderloin at 25% Off for a Limited Time

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Americans concerned about being able to feed their family today, tomorrow, or anytime before 2049 can take advantage of 25% off all products at Prepper All-Naturals with promo code “veterans25” for a limited time.

On top of that, 10% of net revenue will be donated to a veterans charity chosen by co-founder Jason “Storm” Nelson, a combat disable veteran. The reason for this sale is actually quite funny.

“Right after we ordered a huge batch of mylar bags, we decided to rebrand with a new bag design,” Nelson said. “So we have all of these bags with the older design that we need to use up.”

The thick, resealable mylar bags are used in combination with oxygen absorbers to keep the freeze dried beef inside shelf-stable for decades. They cannot and should not be discarded, so Prepper All-Naturals is offering the 25% discount until the old mylar is all gone.

The company uses the highest quality mylar because their products have one ingredient: Beef. There are not preservatives or anything else. They don’t even add salt so the beef can fit in with the vast majority of American diets.

Bad timing of the rebrand means now is the best timing to stock up on long-term storage beef.

Click here to visit Prepper All-Naturals today for 25% off with promo code “veterans25.”


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