YouTube Censors Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s Viral ‘Great Replacement’ CPAC Speech… Still Has 55 Million Views on X!

YouTube has taken down a speech by conservative commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek from the Netherlands in which she warned about a “great replacement” of European peoples. 

The Gateway Pundit previously posted her historic speech last month.

Beautiful Eva Vlaardingerbroek Delivers Historic Speech “The Great Replacement Reality” at CPAC Hungary and Euro Elites Are Losing It – Elon Musk Weighs In – VIDEO

Vlaardingerbroek posted about the censorship on the X platform. 

"Of course YouTube deleted my speech," she wrote. "In the meantime we’re nearing 50 Million views here on X. Man, I love this app. Thanks for buying it, Elon Musk."

According to YouTube, the speech violated their "hate speech" policy by "inciting hatred of groups because they belong to a protected group."

The viral speech, which she delivered at CPAC Hungary in Budapest, discussed the invasion of Europe's borders by mass immigration that she likened to a form of "great replacement."

"I spoke the forbidden truth: The Great Replacement is no longer a theory - it’s reality," she said at the time. "White Europeans are being replaced in their own countries at an ever-accelerating rate, and it will mean the end of our civilization if we don’t turn things around."

The speech caught the attention of X owner Elon Musk, who argued that the issue is less about mass immigration and more about low birth rates.

"The problem with “Great Replacement Theory" is that it fails to address the foundational issue of low birth rates. Record low birth rates are leading to population collapse in Europe and even faster population collapse in most of Asia. Immigration is low in Asia, so there is no “replacement" going on, the countries are simply shrinking away."

"If this doesn’t turn around, then any countries on Earth with low birth rates will become empty of people and fall into ruin, like the remains we see of the many long dead civilizations," he added.

Fortunately for Vlaardingerbroek, the emergence of free speech-centered platforms such as X and Rumble means that YouTube's censorship is no longer the end of its circulation. Long may that continue. 

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