“You Literally Voted for This” — Conservatives Roast Gun-Grabbing Liberal David Hogg After Complaining About Cost of Living Under Bidenomics

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David Hogg, the controversial anti-gun activist and liberal darling, took to social media to bemoan the skyrocketing cost of living under the Biden regime.

Hogg, who has become a prominent figure in the gun control movement since surviving the Parkland school shooting, took to Twitter on Sunday to lament, “Housing costs way too damn much.”


It didn’t take long for the conservative backlash to flood in. ‘Trump Meme Mastermind’ Brenden Dilley was among the first to respond, pointing out the contrast between the current administration and the previous one.

“Under Trump, you could have had 2.5% interest rate and been able to enter the market. Instead, you’re a pillow-biting commie who will stay a renter,” he fired back.

Political commentator Gunther Eagleman joined the chorus, advising Hogg to “stay in mommy’s basement, until Trump fixes Biden’s mess.” Another user, Travis, added, “You chose this over mean tweets. Selections have consequences.”

Hogg’s online rant didn’t stop there. On Monday, he continued:

“In case you couldn’t tell, my landlord just told my roommate and I they are gonna raise our rent nearly 10%.

Jokes on them though there’s a nearly identical condo in my building that’s over $1000 less than we are paying.

They are free to raise the rent however they want; it’s their condo. But it’s just annoying when we were already paying above market. Whatever, either way we’re gonna save money at our new place.”

Credit: David Hogg/X
Credit: David Hogg/X

The irony wasn’t lost on conservatives who recalled Hogg’s previous support for Biden’s economic policies, including the Inflation Reduction Act which he hailed as “a big deal” in 2022.

Credit: David Hogg/X

Conservative activist Scott Pressler summed up the sentiment with a direct hit: “You literally voted for this.”

The chorus of conservative voices grew louder as more chimed in:

As these reactions show, conservatives are taking no prisoners when it comes to highlighting what they see as hypocrisy and naivete among liberal activists like Hogg, who complain about issues that are exacerbated by Democratic policies.

The conservative consensus is clear: When it comes to the pain of inflation and the high cost of living under Bidenomics, those who cast their ballots for the current administration need only look in the mirror.

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