WOW! MI Senator Makes Stunning Video: Warns About Bill That Dem Senators Just Passed That Will Be “An Explosion of Election Fraud!” …Won’t Allow Recount…Will Bar Investigations Into Election Fraud

Michigan Senator Jim Runstead (R) is one of only a few good men in Michigan’s dirty, rotten legislature.

MI Senator Jim Runstead

The sad truth is that the majority-Democrat legislature is mostly filled with self-promoters, deal cutters, and parasites indebted to the three witches at the top of the food chain: the Lockdown Queen of America, FBI kidnap victim and CCP cheerleader, Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel, who frequently uses lawfare to punish her political enemies and the dirtiest Democrat Secretary of State in America, Jocelyn Benson.

If Senator Jim Runstead’s assessment of a bill that was passed in the Democrat-majority Senate today is accurate, it sure looks like MI SOS Jocelyn Benson, who’s been working overtime to manufacture new ways to cheat in the upcoming 2024 election, owes her Democrat friends in the Senate a big favor.

MI Senator Jim Runstead (R)

By 11 pm on the eve of the 2020 election, Michigan residents went to bed fully believing that with President Trump’s massive lead, there was no way Joe Biden could beat him, but on the day after the election, hundreds of thousands of votes mysteriously appeared in the wee hours of the morning. The votes were almost all for Joe Biden, and almost none were for President Trump. Leftist judges in Michigan refused to hear multiple lawsuits that were filed with claims of voter fraud. Spineless Republicans like Rep. Matt Hall, who sat on the House Oversight Committee, and Senator Ed McBroom, Chair of the Senate Oversight Committee, brushed the testimony of dozens of poll challengers and even election workers under the rug for the sake of unity with the Democrat minority and moved on to the next deal they needed to cut to stay in power.

Senator Jim Runstead was one of a handful of lawmakers willing to listen to Michigan citizens’ concerns about what everyone knew deep down was a fraudulent election.

On Tuesday, Senator Runstead took to Twitter to warn Michigan about the new bill that should infuriate every American, considering Michigan is a must-win state for President Trump in 2024.

Michigan Democrats are terrified Biden will implode and drag them down. So today they bet the bank and went all out to codify election fraud into state statute with SB 603.

Today, they smashed through this gigantic pile of election-fraud-enabling legislation today with Democrat-only votes.

SB603 Repeals the current law, which gives bipartisan county Boards of Canvassers the authority to investigate fraud and other wrongdoing, including ballot tampering during recounts.

With the passage of their (election-fraud-enabling) Bill, there will be no future route for requesting a recount if you believe there was fraud.

Under their corruption bill, candidates will be prohibited from requesting a recount if they suspect fraud, and is designed to stop investigations of election fraud by the Board of Canvassers.

This disgusting bill will now permit clerks to recount ballots even if seals are broken on ballot containers and was essentially written by the Secretary of State, who was reversed multiple times by our Supreme Court for her illegal election decisions.

The bill changes the standard for a candidate or party to petition for a recount of election results from alleging there has been a “mistake or fraud” in the process to now only permitting alleging there has been an “error.”

So even if the candidate or Party is absolutely convinced there was fraud, this cannot be alleged or investigated.

To boot, this Democrat’s bill makes it tougher to do a recount by doubling the recount petition fees and making it a felony for ‘interfering’ with a recount without any clear definition of what that means to open up more “LAWFARE.”
If passed as is, the language is changed to prohibit a recount, investigation, or audit of the conduct of an election when fraud is alleged to only a determination of the number of votes cast for one candidate or another or a ballot question.

Lastly, the bill says a recount could not assess the qualification of the voters participating in an election or the manner in which ballots are applied for or issued to voters.

Wow, isn’t that a doozy? If illegals, or dead people, or those not registered in Michigan are voting, we cannot “assess the qualification of those voters or the manner in which those ballots were applied for and issued to these voters.”

Yep, the Democrats have completely thrown off the mask with this terrible bill attempting to win at any cost-our Republic… be damned.

Watch MI Senator Jim Runstead (R) explain the shocking, pro-election fraud bill that was just passed by the Democrat Senate majority in Michigan:

This isn’t the first time Democrat lawmakers in Michigan, with zero regard for their constituents, have passed legislation that will make it easier to cheat in future elections. As long as Democrats have the majority (after 40 long years of being in the minority in the “blue” state of Michigan), there will be even more radical legislation passed, and most of it will not only shock Michigan residents but will shock the nation. The question is, will there be more brave Republicans like Senator Runstead and members of the MI House Freedom Caucus who are willing to fight back?


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