Wife Of J6 Hostage Reveals Exactly How The Government Stalks, Harrasses And Intimidates Families While Psychos Send Death Threats – Merrick Garland Continues to Arrest One J6 Attendee Per Day

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As US Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to arrest Americans at the rate of one per day for attending the January 6th rally, more families are being torn apart, and in some cases, destroyed.

There are defendants who are about to or have already lost their homes.

Many have seen divorce or abandonment by friends and family. Some have missed the birth of their child, the death of a parent or loved one, graduations, weddings and many other milestones.

While many men and women sit in jails and prisons around the country, our weaponized government continues to wreak havoc on their families and even their friends. As The Gateway Pundit has reported, J6 defendant AJ Fischer learned while traveling that the government placed him and his family on a terrorist watchlist.

Fischer, his fiancé, and their 8-week-old infant son were all put on what is known as the QUAD S list.

Their tickets were marked “SSSS,” instructing TSA to invasively thoroughly search their person, their luggage, and in AJ’s case, even his baby. This process that every J6 defendant must go through to fly has now become “the norm”. However, to have one’s family having to endure this, especially an infant, is truly disgraceful.

Many of the political hostages have no idea what their families are having to go through. Many spouses, children, and parents do not tell the prisoners of the hardships.

Dominic Pezzola’s wife, Lisa, recently spoke to me about what she and her children have experienced over the last 3 ½ years.

“No, no way would I tell him any of this,” she said. “The guilt would eat him alive. It’d kill him. It would make him more paranoid about our safety than he already is. It would hurt him so badly that he couldn’t protect us from this.”

Pezzola was stripped of his military benefits before he even went to trial. This left the family without medical insurance and all the benefits Pezzola earned as a veteran. Lisa has a master’s degree and can’t get a job in her field. When asked why she thinks she hasn’t been able to find work in her field, she responded, “What do companies do nowadays? They google the applicants. First thing that comes up is that my husband is a Domestic Terrorist. Then I don’t hear back or we’re going to pass.”

So, she has taken a job bartending. She makes enough to get by in an ordinary situation. But with Dominic’s looming attorney fees, a child in college, another in high school, and unexpected bills, it would be nice if she could work in the field and make the kind of money she deserves and worked so hard for.

Recently Lisa, her kids, and a friend shopped at a plaza, she noticed that a Sheriff was following her through the parking lot. Once she left the lot the Sheriff pulled her over. The next thing she knew, her car was surrounded by 6 Sheriffs, hands on their guns and yelling at her to open ALL her windows in which she complied.

“When I asked why they pulled me over, they said it was for my window tinting,” Lisa explained. “Then they asked me if I knew who the car belonged to, and I said yeah, my husband. Ten years ago, Dominic bought the car for me, and the title and registration are in his name.”

** Help Dominic and his Family Here

Lisa happened to know someone in the Sheriff’s office, and he told her she needed to get the registration and title out of Dominic’s name. Lisa ended up calling the FBI asking why there is an active warrant out for her husband when he had been incarcerated for 3 ½ years.  They told her this was a matter for the Department of Homeland Security and to reach out to them. When Lisa contacted DHS, they told her they would take the necessary steps to remove it. She waited 3 weeks and then saw a local Sheriff in a 7-11 parking lot.

She explained the situation and then asked him to run her plates. Lisa was told what came up on the officer’s screen “Do Not Stop. Do Not Apprehend. Call in Location to FBI. It is still active to this day; they have still not taken it off”, Lisa recalled. “So, if I want to remove it, I must switch my plates that I have had for 15 years. I will have to pay to change everything”.

“Every time there is a roadblock, I get sent to the side for inspection,” she added. “If I want to take my kids to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, I can’t. It’s NON-STOP Harassment. It has gotten to the point that I don’t even want to go out for the day, in fear of being stopped, especially with my kids.”

These examples of what families endure are more than most people can handle. Lisa is dealing with keeping her family together and happy while having to overcome the major amounts of grief and pain of her husband being incarcerated and now being diagnosed with Cancer.

J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezzola Discovers He Has Cancer While Serving Time in Prison – Please Help This Young Father, Veteran and Patriot Below

She is a rock for her family, and it is unconscionable what this corrupt government is doing to its people.

It’s bad enough that the government is making the lives of these families even harder, but it doesn’t end with only them.

Lisa also explained how she had to put a lock on her mailbox so her children would not see the hate mail that has come to her house.

** Help Dominic and his Family Here

“I have a bag full of hate mail. Full of hate mail calling me a stupid Trumptard B**ch, you should go F***ing Die. I hope your kids die in a car crash, so they won’t reproduce any republican babies. It’s disgusting what people say.” Not only what they say but also what they do. Lisa went on to tell me, "I had to put cameras all over my house because I caught some man videoing my house."

There are endless stories like Lisa’s where these families are being harassed by our government. Also, friends of the prisoners are being targeted. Last year one of the J6 advocates who is in contact with many of the J6ers, was mysteriously evicted from her home after she visited one of the prisoners and federal officers had paid a visit to the landlord.

Over the past year, I personally have taken 3 flights, checked a bag each flight and had the “random bag check” on all three flights. Now, these instances with the flights and the eviction could solely be coincidental but if anything, this movement has taught us that there are NO COINCIDENCES.

Keep these Political Hostages in your prayers and thoughts and their friends and families as well. Donate to these families if you can or at the very least start a conversation with someone who isn’t aware of these atrocities.

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