“The Whole World Is Watching. This Is Very Sad Day for New York” – President Trump Speaks to Reporters before Jury Deliberations Continue in Junk NYC Lawfare Case on Thursday (VIDEO)

Deliberations continue in Judge Merchan’s lawfare case against President Trump on Thursday.

President Trump is back in court on Thursday in the Marxist Democrat Party’s attempt to influence the 2024 election.

Democrats have thrown 91 charges against President Trump in their hopes to flip the election to Old Joe Biden.

The ongoing New York City case has kept President Trump from the campaign trail for weeks now.

Communist Judge Juan Merchan, an America-hating immigrant whose family is raising money off of the case, has ripped apart the US justice system in his efforts to Get Trump – much like communist Judge Alexandre de Moraes has done to the Brazilian legal system.

President Trump made comments on Thursday before entering Merchan’s kangaroo court.

President Trump: Thank you very much. Here we go again. Five weeks. I’ve been here, I’m gagged. I’d like to answer all of your questions. They’re very easy questions to answer, but I’m gagged, so I can’t talk as much as I would like to about this ridiculous case that’s hurting our country so badly.

Some of the reviews from yesterday are the… And by the way, everyone’s against this case. I haven’t seen one legal scholar or expert in the law saying that this case should have been filed. It should not have been filed, or at a minimum, it should have been filed seven years ago. At seven years old, everybody turned it down, including federal elections turned it down. Southern district turned it down. Bragg turned it down. Then he rejuvenated it when I was running for office. It’s a terrible thing. At the request of Biden.

The editors of the National Review saying, “Quit Trump. Bragg has failed to prove his charges.” Totally failed. Greg Jarrett. “Who exactly was defrauded? Voters who had already voted. Well, they already voted because all of the stuff came in after the elections. How were they defrauding?”

Then you say, What about Hillary with the dossier? What about all these other things that go? And this is nothing. This is nothing. But what about all of the corruption, the voter fraud that you’ve seen over the last year on behalf of the Democrats and Nobody talks about it. This is ridiculous what they’re talking about. This is called Running for Office.

Greg Jarrett, “The government which received full payment on all taxable income.” The government, by the way, received full payment. The taxes were paid in full. In fact, they make comment on that. Even if the taxes were paid in full, the Federal Elections Commission that concluded the money paid did not constitute a campaign contribution under the law.

And remember, this judge wouldn’t allow us. He’s a very conflicted judge. Everybody knows that you don’t want to talk about what the conflict was. I’m not allowed to talk about it because of the gang order that he put on me. It’s the one subject he really doesn’t want to talk about. There was no fraud. There was no conspiracy. It’s that simple. Moreover, without a primary crime, there can be no secondary crime. It’s a classic law fair weaponizing statutes because the law has been…

Elie Honig, legal analyst for CNN. “The crime here is not easy to explain or to understand. It’s just not understandable.” In other words, there is no crime. This is CNN. Katherine Christian from MSNBC, I call it MSDNC, Legal Analyst. “It’s difficult because it’s a very nuanced argument. It’s never been prosecuted before.” This is an argument that has never been prosecuted before, and hopefully, it’ll never be prosecuted again.

Andy McCarthy, “This is anything but standard. It’s the antithesis of standard, actually. The idea that they do not have to agree on what the other crime is. We spent six weeks wondering, What is the other crime? What is the other crime? At the end, the thud we all get is this. There’s three or four of them, and you could pick one from the other, and they don’t have to agree on anything.” What he’s saying is it’s so corrupt. Nobody’s ever heard of a thing like this. It’s called pick ’em. It’s like the ladder. Pick ’em. You pick You don’t have to be, even though in a criminal case, you have to be unanimous. You don’t have to be. Just give a couple of votes because the judge, unfortunately, is corrupt.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, “No one has heard of this. It’s like as a man, you call him A, B, or C. You don’t have to agree on it. This is a kangaroo court. This is unheard of. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve done this for 32 years. I’m not a federal prosecutor or a state prosecutor, so I know what I’m talking about. I’m not a federal judge. I’m a county judge, just like Bercia. This is New York law, and this is my wheelhouse. He is 100% wrong. He’s wrong. That’s what Jeanine Pirro, very good woman, very smart woman.

Jonathan Turley. “This is becoming a three-card Monty game on where is the crime?” Smart guy, where is the crime?

Mike Davis, “The US would sanction a country for doing this. I think that’s good. I think that’s good. Steve Hilton, it seems that every single Every single day, these proceedings go on. The judge and the prosecutor just go out of their way to prove Trump’s point.” I guess they are proving my point when you think. That’s why I write some of these things that are very sad.

Mark Levin, “This Stalinist-like case, it’s a Stalinist-like case. It has prevented President Trump for running for office. It has prevented him from campaigning. He’s unable to campaign because Because he’s been in a courthouse for five weeks.”

And yet we just had a poll came out, NPR. Trump’s 54, Biden’s 42. And that’s with independents. That’s the best we’ve ever had. They said this is the single best poll that Trump has ever had with independents. Trump’s largest lead among independent voters, NPR Marist College, 44, 28. And Junior is way, way, way down. But it’s He’s 44. Junior is extremely liberal. By the way, he’s extremely radical left. I think you know that. But he seems to be hurting Biden, probably a little bit.

So that’s it. It’s a disgrace. The millions and millions of dollars that are I spend daily on this case. Outside, it looks like it’s Fort Knox, like they’re guarding this. I’ve never seen so many police them. Now, with Columbia University, you can plant a tent right in front of the main door, no problem. Nyu, just put your tent up. Don’t worry about it. Over here.

I just want to say that this is a very sad day for America. The whole world is watching, and it’s a very sad day for New York. I’ve gone through two of these trials already with the same a judge. It’s all worked. It’s all rigged. The whole system is rigged. Judge Engoron was overturned five times in my case, and he’s going to be overturned again. We were treated very, very badly. The outside world is watching, and the outside world is just not going to bring their business to New York. That’s going to cost the city trillions and the state trillions and trillions of dollars businesses are leaving, and people are fleeing.

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