WATCH: Zombies Fester in the Rot of California’s Streets In Newsom’s “National Model” for Homelessness of California (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s California continues to look like a third-world country with rampant homelessness and humans rotting in the streets as homelessness programs and Newsom’s self-proclaimed “national model” repeatedly fail.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the homelessness crisis in California. One year ago, we reported that in Marin County, California, a homeless encampment of decaying campers and RVs had grown two miles long.

Yet, as The Gateway Pundit reported, delusional liar Gavin Newsom recently claimed that his state served as a “national model” for solving the issue of homelessness.


Here is the reality of Newsom’s “National Model.”

In another video, a man is seen strung out on drugs and scratching his foot off while he is unable to respond to bystanders willing to help him.

San Francisco Journalist JJ Smith writes on X, “This is not normal where is the caring in the compassion? Where is all the resources at? Where is the ambassadors? Where is the Street crisis? They put all this money into these programs. They said things are going to change, but here it is this human being right here literally tearing his skin off his foot and I have to make a phone call to get him to resources he need those resources need to be already walked the street.”

Newsom’s California is actually a national model for money laundering and funding the “homelessness industrial complex.”

In March 2023, Newsome promised to house the homeless with 1,200 tiny homes, but over one year later, only 150 had been purchased. 

Fox reported in May of this year,

California hasn’t provided any of the tiny homes that Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom promised homeless residents last year, according to a new report.

Newsom promised in March 2023 to send 1,200 tiny homes to four cities across the state, but so far only 150 have been purchased, Cal Matters reported. It’s unclear exactly what’s caused the repeated delays, with the state at times blaming local governments, even though local officials in some cases were quick to approve projects.

“Gov. Gavin Newsom said he’d send tiny homes to San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego County. Why haven’t any materialized yet?” the outlet asked in its report.

As CalMatters noted, Newsom’s March 2023 plan involved the state buying 500 tiny homes for Los Angeles, 350 for Sacramento, 200 for San Jose, and 150 for San Diego. Once each area bought the homes, “The California National Guard would help prepare and deliver them.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported last month, an audit has found that California has spent $24 billion on homeless programs, yet the problem persists and, in some places, is getting worse.

Gavin Newsom is once again facing a recall effort, the second in three years, as a conservative group initiates a new campaign to oust him from office. According to Ballotpedia, the group must obtain 1,311,963 signatures by September 3 to force a recall election.

Request petitions, learn more about, and donate to the recall effort here.

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