WATCH: Ted Cruz Brilliantly Schools CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Voter Fraud After She Tries Tricking Him into Accepting a Rigged 2024 Election

Credit: CNN screenshot

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) proved once again Wednesday night that few people can match him in a battle of the wits, especially a leftist CNN talking head.

Cruz was a guest on notorious Trump hater Kaitlan Collins’s eponymous CNN show, The Source with Kaitlan Collins, to speak about the upcoming general election between Donald Trump and presumably Joe Biden. Collins thought she could trick the brilliant Cruz with a three-year-old Democrat game of gotcha on accepting fraudulent election results but got schooled instead.

Collins opened the line of questioning by mentioning how Cruz was the first to object to the questionable 2020 election results and demanding to know whether he would accept the results this time, no matter what.

Cruz rightfully pointed out that it was a ridiculous question and demanded to know whether Collins had asked a Democrat a question like this. She replied, “Of course,” but could not provide examples when Cruz asked for names.

Collins subsequently embarrassed herself when she asked Cruz whether a President had ever refused to facilitate the transition of power. Cruz pointed out this never happened and proceeded to point out several times congressional Democrats refused to accept clear-cut GOP presidential victories, including in 2016.

The CNN anchor then claimed the results were certified and again tried to trick Cruz into committing to accepting a rigged election. But Cruz saw right through Collins and schooled her.

“So you‘re asking me will you promise, no matter what, to agree an election is legitimate, regardless of what happens,” Cruz said. “And that would be an absurd thing to claim like we have an entire election law system that people challenge elections, elections get overturned, voter fraud gets proven, that happens all the time, and the media engages in this weird game post-Donald Trump that you insist no voter fraud has ever existed.”

“Why does every state have laws challenge voter fraud when it occurs,” he continued.

Collin had no answer and falsely claimed that the actions of Republicans, including Cruz’s, were different in 2020. She asked him again if he would accept the results in 2024.

“Look, if the Democrats win, I will accept the result, but I’m not going to ignore fraud regardless of the result,” Cruz said.

Collins then stepped in it again by claiming there was no voter fraud in Biden’s “victory,” which Cruz promptly pounced on.

‘Oh, you know for a fact there was zero voter fraud,” Cruz sarcastically replied. “Really, what’s your basis for that? Show me your evidence.”


Collins then tried again to gaslight him by hiding behind Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and the Deep State in claiming “it was the most secure election in history.”

“You’re saying zero voter fraud occurred,” Cruz said.

This caused Collins to flip-flop somewhat and say there was not enough that would have changed the 2020 election results.

“OK, but that’s a different statement,” Cruz correctly pointed out.

Collins then proceeded to battle Cruz over whether enough fraud occurred to impact the election and mentioned Cruz wanting to have an election commission study the results. Cruz then brought up an important history lesson about the election of 1876, which left Collins stumped.

“I tried to look through history and precedent, and the best precedent I could find (on the 2020 election) was the election of 1876 between Rutherford B Hayes and Samuel Tilden,” Cruz explained.

“And what happened there?” Cruz continued.” There were serious allegations of voter fraud. Congress didn’t throw its hands up and say, you know what? CNN demanded that we accept the results no matter what. So ignore the fraud.”

For readers not familiar with the 1876 election, Tilden led Hays 184 to 165 in the electoral college with 20 votes electoral votes unresolved from three states: South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. The US Congress formed a commission that eventually awarded the Republican Hayes the win after allegations of electoral fraud, election violence, and disfranchisement of (primarily Republican) black voters emerged.

Unable to answer, Collins whines about Cruz not answering her question. The Texas senator then blasted the media’s double standard on voter fraud.

“I think the country would have been a lot better off with a determination of what evidence of voter fraud occurred. And instead, the media didn‘t want to hear it and insists voter fraud never occurs,” Cruz said.

“It was CNN that relentlessly pushed that propaganda,” Cruz continued. “That voter fraud doesn’t exist, and anyone who says it does is wearing a tinfoil hat. That is propaganda, and by the way, you never ask Hillary Clinton this, you never ask Stacey Abrams this, you never ask Al Gore this, and every one of them said the Republicans who won were illegitimate.”

A triggered Collins closed the interview by again complaining Cruz never answered her gotcha question about the 2024 election.


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