WATCH: Patriot Pulls Off Creative Troll at Harvard, Loudly Blasts National Anthem in Middle of the Night While Pro-Hamas Agitators Try to Sleep

Credit: @KassyDillon

A fearless patriot brutally trolled an anti-America, pro-Hamas encampment late Monday night at Harvard University.

As Gateway Pundit readers know, Harvard is just one of the many universities up north that have struggled to contain the violent pro-Hamas protests across their campuses.

In contrast, students at Southern colleges have humiliated the loony agitators. These actions include hijacking protests to sing patriotic songs and voice support for President Trump.

Fortunately, Harvard has started to get a little fed up. notes that Harvard interim president Alan Garber released a statement vowing to hold those who refuse to vacate the encampment accountable.

I write today with this simple message: The continuation of the encampment presents a significant risk to the educational environment of the University. Those who participate in or perpetuate its continuation will be referred for involuntary leave from their Schools.

Among other implications, students placed on involuntary leave may not be able to sit for exams, may not continue to reside in Harvard housing, and must cease to be present on campus until reinstated.

Garber got some much-needed assistance from a student who decided to give the foul-smelling, lazy agitators a rude wake-up call. The Daily Wire’s Kassy Akiva posted a video shortly after midnight eastern of the national anthem loudly blasting outside of the encampment as the protesters tried to sleep.

The anthem plays for a full two minutes as some of the disheveled agitators walk around the encampment.


Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) weighed in on the patriot’s brilliant trolling, wondering what the protesters’ reaction was after their beauty sleep was interrupted by the “Star Spangled Banner.”


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