WATCH: Joe Biden’s Brain Breaks During Philly ‘Rally’ Held in the Corner of School Gym

Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Girard College, an independent boarding school in Philadelphia to pander to black voters since he is losing their support.

President Trump is gaining ground with black voters.

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported on Tuesday, according to Mark Mitchell with Rasmussen Reports, Trump leading Joe Biden among black voters in both head-to-head and five-way matchups.

Joe Biden is getting desperate so his team announced “Black Voters for Biden Harris” on Wednesday.

Of course, nobody cared that Joe Biden was in Philly on Wednesday.

A few rows of people were crammed into the corner of the gym.

Biden’s speech was a total disaster.

What’s left of Biden’s brain broke as he tried to insult Trump. Biden spoke complete gibberish.

“We’ll never forget— lying around and [gibberish].”


Biden malfunctioned again as he talked about the black and brown neighborhoods being cut off by the highways in the 60s.


This is why Biden is working to lock up his main political opponent Donald Trump.

Biden simply cannot compete with Trump.

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