WATCH: Democrat Senator Blumenthal Says He is “Deeply Disturbed” Trump Has Succeeded in Slow-Walking Biden Regime’s Lawfare Cases

Stolen Valor Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) trashed President Trump and admitted the lawfare cases against the former president are part of a plan to slow down his campaign.

Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal, who is serving in his third term as senator, is best known for lying about his Vietnam service for personal and political gain.

CNN’s Manu Raju asked Democrat lawmakers if Trump’s ‘hush money’ case will backfire politically if he is acquitted.

Blumenthal said he thinks the “broad centrist middle American people understand what [Trump] did and why it is so abhorrent.”

He continued, “I’m already deeply disturbed that Donald Trump has succeeded in slow-walking one or more of those cases.”

The US government fast-tracked Trump’s lawfare cases in an effort to jail him before the 2024 election.

The right to a speedy trial is NOT the government’s right. President Trump’s lawyers have done a phenomenal job pushing back on Jack Smith’s lawfare cases by fighting over Trump’s immunity claims, requesting discovery, and asking the judge to release unredacted documents that expose the DOJ’s corruption.

Jack Smith’s lawfare cases are delayed because they are falling apart.

Blumenthal said the quiet part out loud. The point of the Biden Regime’s lawfare cases against Trump is to slow him down on the campaign trail and to lock him up before the 2024 election.

Not only did Blumenthal lie about his Vietnam War service, he lied about being the captain of the Harvard Swim Team.

Da Nang Dick is a pathological liar. Blumenthal has no room to question another man’s credibility nor should he even be allowed to serve as a Senator for his lies in what 14 Medal of Honor recipients described as a “gross case of stolen valor.”

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